02 January 2008


So, it's official. I am a resident of WI, but I'm not happy about it. And it's not because I am considered a Cheesehead... It's all because of the stupid DMV!

I went there this morning to get a new driver's license. And when the man asked me for my current driver's license I asked for it back once he was finished getting all the information. He told me I had to surrender it, because of some federal thing... I pointed out to him that I sort of need a form of ID these days... you know with using credit cards and checks to pay for things. He tells me I'll get my new license in 7 days. For some reason this did not make me feel any better. He took my only form of photo ID! And to replace it I got a sticking piece of paper that means nothing to anyone but the police, if they so choose to pull me over sometime. And what if I wanted to go to the bar for a drink, which never really happens... but suppose I wanted to. Now I can't! I'm just... so... frustrated! I even asked him to just clip the corner to make it an invalid license. He looked at me like I was crazy! Seriously, what's wrong with some people over here?!

On another note, I can't wait to come back to MN this weekend for the Wedding Expo! It's going to be a "Girl's Day Out"! It should be interesting with the opinions ranging over 3 generations. Hopefully I can get some pics to share.