26 July 2011

New Car

How do you compare the two? 

1997 Buick LaSabre vs 2011 Chevy Equinox

It's true, Magnus (Buick) has passed onto... and about time!

We have purchased a new car! The name is still in the works, but I wasted no time personalizing it with my team logo!!!


16 July 2011

K-9 Kustard

At the end of date night we decided taking a walk to Michaels Custard might not be a good idea with the weather we had on the way. So, since we were planning on taking Desi with on the walk we picked her up a treat when we went through the drive-through!  She totally ignores the world when it comes to K-9 Kustard!!!


03 July 2011


I think my first attempt at canning went well!  We ended up with 4 jars of cherry pom jelly, 5 jars of grape jelly and 13 jars of apple butter! Now, out of the two I tasted they were most excellent!!!