31 December 2009

How do I celebrate the New Year? (part 6)

By watching Matt try and open the champagne bottle!

How do I celebrate the New Year? (part 5)

By eating fresh popcorn and drinking a beer while watching Three Sheets!

How do I celebrate the New Year? (part 4)

By eating delicious chicken cordon bleu, sweet potato fries and steamed broccoli!

How do I celebrale the New Year? (part 3)

By setting the table all fancy for a date night!

How do I celebrate the New Year? (part 2)

By chilling in style with a new hair cut and a mint mocha!

How do I celebrate the New Year? (part 1)

By driving to Prairie du Sac to have lunch and gelato with Otto!
25 December 2009

3 days of driving in snow storms. I think we're done! This will be an unforgetable Christmas!
24 December 2009

Holy appetizers Batman! Gotta love traditions!

My masterpiece! Taco Dip!
09 December 2009

Snow Day!

Ridiculous amounts of snow! No wonder school was cancelled!
08 December 2009

Anyone want to get us a snowblower for Christmas?!
07 December 2009

Yummy cookies!
06 December 2009

How happy am I!
05 December 2009

Check out our colors! SO BRIGHT!

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04 December 2009

Just the way to end the week!
03 December 2009

Definitely bright colors!
02 December 2009

This is what happens when the heat kicks on under the toilet paper holder! Wonderful suprise to come home to!

What is it about bowling alley french fries that make them taste so good?!