28 January 2011

Special Date Night

Sitting at the top of the Concourse Hotel enjoying dessert and drinks with a wonderful view of the capitol!!!

15 January 2011


This is how we like to enjoy our breakfast! Fine china, waffles & coffee!

08 January 2011


So today started out cold... and then it got colder... and then it got colder! By this evening I was finished!

I'm now going to go find my new fuzzy, warm blanket and cocoon myself into a coma of warmth!
07 January 2011

Jeb Date

After driving through the crazy snow... I mean, drifting snow... I mean... I mean to say the roads were far from favorable, but I was born & raised in MN so it's gonna take more than a little blowing snow to keep me from driving on the road. But I do believe there are some people who should just hang up their keys and stay home!

Anyhow, I got into Rochester in time to meet up with Jeb for dinner! And it was quite a combination! Sushi & Pie!!! I now love this combination, and will definitely be repeating this again in the future! Anyhow, 3 hrs later we enjoyed some super tasty endamame, green tea, sushi & pie ala mode with good conversation! Now to head to Stewartville in hopes of the roads being better past the airport.
06 January 2011

Date Night

Date night with Otto! I took him to the Melting Pot, and as always, was delicious!!! My favorite courses are still the cheese & chocolate! Yum!

New Accessory!

Check it out! They refer to it as the Michael Jackson glove! I feel like I should bedazzle it!

Turns out I need extensive blood work... let's hope I can get in sooner rather than later!!!

05 January 2011

Cooking Disaster

So here's a picture of that first attempt at shortbread for the cookie exchange on Dec 18! I just couldn't bring myself to toss it, but Otto mentioned something about it tonight. So I handed him a fork and told him to have at it! A couple jabs later the whole thing popped out!!! I think it will be some time before I attempt shortbread again!

04 January 2011

One Of Those Day...

It was definitely a Starbucks & Chipotle kind of day! Kids had a long break, we had a long break and everyone didn't want to get back into routine. Luckily I survived and tomorrow is looking more promising!

03 January 2011

Lunch Date

Met Amanda at Pizza Brutta for lunch today! She ordered her fav stoned fired pizza and I tried a sandwich and salad, which were absolutely tasty! Mixed greens with gorgonzola and balsamic, and the sandwich was stoned fired bread with pesto, fresh mozzerella and portabella mushrooms! If your ever in the area check it out over on Monroe Street!!!

02 January 2011

Empty Nest...

It looks so empty after yesterday!

01 January 2011

Rose Bowl Party

Go Badgers!!! Gotta love the new set up in the living room!!!