30 December 2010

UW Hockey

Go Badgers!!!

25 December 2010

Happy Holidays!

Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful & safe Holiday Season!!!



Super excited about my Nextec tool! Now for some seriously fun projects in the studio!!!


12 December 2010

Winter Wonderland

Wonderful winter driving! Actually it wasn't so bad. But really would have prefered not having to drive back in it anyway!


05 December 2010

Xmas Present

Merry Christmas to us!!! Anyone want to take a guess at size?!


04 December 2010


Brewing beer on the back stoop with Otto's new propane burner!!!


Holy Snow Batman!!!


03 December 2010


Our beautiful new couch and coffee table!!!


28 November 2010

Holiday Decorating

We were ambitious this evening and decorated! Finally I have a proper place for the tree to be displayed!!!


27 November 2010

Festivals of Trees!!!

A night filled with family, food and beautiful Holiday trees!!!


21 November 2010

Holiday Sale


21 November 2010 through 21 December 2010

Most items will be reduced in price for the Holiday Season!

Consider it my gift to you!!!

Now, go shopping already!!!
19 November 2010

Holiday Sale! Come Check It Out!!!

17 November 2010

Thankfulness Episode Seventeen

I'm thankful for an education, and the opportunities I've been given to expand my knowledge! I will forever keep learning!!!


Thankfulness Episode Sixteen

I'm thankful for pho, egg rolls and vietnamese coffee with sweet milk!!! It's good for the soul and whatever ails you!!!


Thankfulness Episode Fifteen

I'm thankful for the game of baseball!  And of course, GO TWINS!!!


Thankfulness Episode Fourteen

I'm so very thankful for good chocolate!!!


13 November 2010

Thankfulness Episode Thirteen

I'm thankful for creativity!


12 November 2010

Thaankfulness Episode Twelve

I'm thankful for windsheild wipers!!! Without them I'm pretty sure no one would drive in the rain or snow... at least those of us without a death wish.


11 November 2010

Thankfulness Episode Eleven

I'm thankful for a Country who protects its citizens, and for those citizens who step forth to take on that responsibility! Thank you Veterans, past and present!


10 November 2010

Thankfulness Episode Ten

I'm thankful, hardcore, for Chipotle!!! Yummy burrito coma!


Thankfulness Episode Nine

I'm thankful for games! Board games, cards, video games, computer games, games, games, games!!!


09 November 2010

Thankfulness Episode Eight

I'm thankful for warm fuzzy blankets to snuggle down into!


Thankfulness Episode Seven

I'm thankful for booklights for those long drives at night!!!


Thankfulness Episode Six

I'm thankful for good food, good friends and good beer all together in one place!


Thankfulness Episode Five

I'm thankful for short Fridays!!!


06 November 2010

Thankfulness Episode Four

I'm always thankful for alarm clocks! As annoying as they can be in the morning...


03 November 2010

Thankfulness Episode Three

Bowling, bowling, bowling!!! So thankful for bowling!


02 November 2010

Thankfulness Episode Two

I'm thankful to live in a country that believes in Democracy! GO VOTE!!!


Thankfulness Episode One

I'm thankful for my husband Otto! I can't believe we've been together for 5 years now! But have known each other for almost 7!


31 October 2010


7Gypsies is having a giveaway. Check it out!!!
26 October 2010


Enter the GIVEAWAY on Michelle's blog! You could win one of my necklaces!!! Read through the post, and at the end leave a comment to be entered! Hurry, you only have until Sunday, October 31!
Check out the preview for this new show!!! I'm so excited!!!!

15 October 2010

UW Hockey

Otto got tickets to the UW Hockey game tonight for my Birthday! Totally crushed Alabama, 7 to 0! Now time for free ice cream because they scored over 5 goals!!!



Time for some UW Hockey!!! Talk about an awesome bday gift!


13 October 2010

Wednesday Bowling Night

Not a terrible night for bowling. 199, 183, 176 for a 558. Wish it would've been better, but could've been worse.


12 October 2010

Chocolate Temptations

Totally enjoying a coffee ice cream brownie sundae!!!


Happy Birthday, take one

Noodles & Company with Heather!!!


Holy Leaves Batman!

Woke up and I have no yard! Happy Birthday to me!

At least it's better than last year when I woke up to a yard of snow!!!


11 October 2010

I Won!

REUSEIT.COM recently had a contest, and of course I entered. I ended up winning 4 cloth napkins, reusable snack bag, reusable sandwich bag and a cotton lunch bag proclaiming "I'm not a paper bag"! Awesome!!!  Thanks REUSEIT.COM!


The Crazy Elephant Holiday Showcase!

I'm honored to take part in The Crazy Elephant's Holiday showcase this year! Take a chance to go and check it out!

It might be worth the while... ;)
09 October 2010

Best Pizza!

Best pizza ever! If you're ever in Rochester, MN be sure to hit up Mr. Pizza! Might I suggest ordering the Mr. Pizza Special, but be sure it has american sausage and leave off the beef in place of a good dose of black olives! PERFECT!


01 October 2010

Granite City

If ever you're on the West side of Madison be sure to hit up Granite City and order the Grilled Asian Chicken Salad with salmon instead of chicken; you won't be disappointed!!!


Granite City Food & Brewery on Urbanspoon
29 September 2010

Bowling Night

You know what I like about league bowling?! When your team strikes out you get a free drink!!!


27 September 2010

Archiver's Contest

During this Summer Archiver's held a one-of-a-kind wall art contest. I entered and won at my local store, which means my tray went onto the Nationwide competition at the Mall of American in September. Ultimately I didn't take a place at the big competition, but my tray did make it into their most recent email!!! My tray is what demonstrates the 4x6 opening tray! It's the white tray with the words MADISON faintly visible across the middle!

Here's the link!
26 September 2010

Very Busy Day!

This morning I decided to try my hand at making an apple oven pancake, basically a dutch pancake with apples. I would definitely call it an epic success!!!

Then I went on to hitting up the Re-Art Swap at Absolutely Art and The Scrapbook Superstore's Garage Sale for some super awesome deals! And it's only been a half day so far!

25 September 2010

Apple Cake

Here it is! Apple cake!!!

Apple Cake

After the orchard I tried my hand at making an apple cake! Upon taste testing I would have to call it a SUCCESS!!! Anyone wanting a slice better get over here fast! ;)


Totally hit up the apple orchard for the second time already this year! Time for some more baking!!!

Date Night

Took Otto out on a date last night since it was my turn. I've been meaning to take him to Joey's Seafood for some time now, so I decided last night was the perfect opportunity! It also happened to be the night of their all-you-can-eat fish fry! Otto & I love a good serving of fish & chips, so this was beyond perfect for us! And to top it off? They had Capitol Oktoberfest on tap!!! They had some wonderfully beer battered haddock with piping hot fries and coleslaw. We fully enjoyed our meal, but that wasn't the end. Turns out Quivey's Grove wanted to help us celebrate our Anniversary by sending us an email for a free dessert for each of us! Otto ordered another Capitol Oktoberfest while I decided to try the Peppermint Patty! Both we good! For dessert Otto ordered the turtle cheesecake which turned out to be a no-bake chocolate cheesecake on top of caramel & pecans all resting in a pie crust! Definitely creamy and rich. I took my chances on the chocolate steamed pudding covered in a thick, sweet frosting like sauce sprinkled with walnuts. Wish it had a better chocolate flavor, but the sauce was tasty!

24 September 2010


Came home from work to a very pleasant surprise! I definitely have a wonderful husband!

23 September 2010

New Sign

I love the new sign that I found today!

22 September 2010
It's been quite the interesting day...  I didn't know a tooth could fall out like that, and I'm not talking about mine. :(  Rough day at work.
04 September 2010

Target Field

Our annual family baseball game! Perfect day!
28 August 2010

Totally rockin' out the IKEA!

Cheesecake Factory

Just enjoyed the of wild mushroom burger at Cheesecake Factory! Now I'm extremely full!
21 August 2010

See! It is a really big noodle! LOL

That's what she said!

Cubs Game

Beautiful day for a Cubs game!
14 August 2010

How we cool off after an afternoon at the zoo!

Minnesota Zoo!
13 August 2010

Out getting ready for this evenings wedding and what happens? Tornado sirens while at the mall! Now I'm chillin' in the back corridors with Chelle, Tami, Kayla and Trygg!
05 August 2010

Cherry Limeade Cupcakes

Totally rockin' the Cherry Limeade Cupcakes!
29 July 2010

Beautiful day for a walk!
20 July 2010

Just got a free lunch!

Just got a free lunch! Hamburger, baked beans, cookie and chocolate shoppe ice cream!It's called the High Tech Hotdogger!Luckily it's in our lot!
19 July 2010


10 July 2010

Date Night

A movie, bowling and beer! I think it makes for a great date night!
02 July 2010

All-star Crocs

Finally bought the new crocs that look like converse all-stars! They are so comfy!

Delivery + Asti = Awesome Date Night!