28 August 2010

Totally rockin' out the IKEA!

Cheesecake Factory

Just enjoyed the of wild mushroom burger at Cheesecake Factory! Now I'm extremely full!
21 August 2010

See! It is a really big noodle! LOL

That's what she said!

Cubs Game

Beautiful day for a Cubs game!
14 August 2010

How we cool off after an afternoon at the zoo!

Minnesota Zoo!
13 August 2010

Out getting ready for this evenings wedding and what happens? Tornado sirens while at the mall! Now I'm chillin' in the back corridors with Chelle, Tami, Kayla and Trygg!
05 August 2010

Cherry Limeade Cupcakes

Totally rockin' the Cherry Limeade Cupcakes!