31 October 2010


7Gypsies is having a giveaway. Check it out!!!
26 October 2010


Enter the GIVEAWAY on Michelle's blog! You could win one of my necklaces!!! Read through the post, and at the end leave a comment to be entered! Hurry, you only have until Sunday, October 31!
Check out the preview for this new show!!! I'm so excited!!!!

15 October 2010

UW Hockey

Otto got tickets to the UW Hockey game tonight for my Birthday! Totally crushed Alabama, 7 to 0! Now time for free ice cream because they scored over 5 goals!!!



Time for some UW Hockey!!! Talk about an awesome bday gift!


13 October 2010

Wednesday Bowling Night

Not a terrible night for bowling. 199, 183, 176 for a 558. Wish it would've been better, but could've been worse.


12 October 2010

Chocolate Temptations

Totally enjoying a coffee ice cream brownie sundae!!!


Happy Birthday, take one

Noodles & Company with Heather!!!


Holy Leaves Batman!

Woke up and I have no yard! Happy Birthday to me!

At least it's better than last year when I woke up to a yard of snow!!!


11 October 2010

I Won!

REUSEIT.COM recently had a contest, and of course I entered. I ended up winning 4 cloth napkins, reusable snack bag, reusable sandwich bag and a cotton lunch bag proclaiming "I'm not a paper bag"! Awesome!!!  Thanks REUSEIT.COM!


The Crazy Elephant Holiday Showcase!

I'm honored to take part in The Crazy Elephant's Holiday showcase this year! Take a chance to go and check it out!

It might be worth the while... ;)
09 October 2010

Best Pizza!

Best pizza ever! If you're ever in Rochester, MN be sure to hit up Mr. Pizza! Might I suggest ordering the Mr. Pizza Special, but be sure it has american sausage and leave off the beef in place of a good dose of black olives! PERFECT!


01 October 2010

Granite City

If ever you're on the West side of Madison be sure to hit up Granite City and order the Grilled Asian Chicken Salad with salmon instead of chicken; you won't be disappointed!!!


Granite City Food & Brewery on Urbanspoon