24 February 2008
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15 February 2008

Recent Activities

Jeb came to visit this weekend. We had a blast getting to hang out, just the two of us, on Saturday. I took her to a place called The Learning Shop, it's a teacher's resource store... so of course we spent a ton of time walking around there drooling over all of the things we wanted to purchase. Then I took her to another place called Studio, You! You pay a fee to use their space and paint, then you purchase some ceramic pieces to paint... and then they glaze and fire it all for you! We spent a good 3.5 to 4 hrs working on our projects!

As you can tell Jeb is concentrating very hard on finishing up the details of her mug!

I spent my time making Otto a Valentine's Day gift... even though it looks more appropriate for St. Paddy's Day... And the saying around the cups says: May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past! I think I could have easily stayed longer and made more things, but we only had an hour left before the store was closing and we both agreed that we needed some coffee!

We ended up meeting our neighbors, Dan and Ashley, at the Claddagh Pub for dinner.

Very tasty Irish food! And a wonderful environment to have a pint and share a good laugh!!

Here are some super sweet flowers my parents gave to me! Love you guys!

Otto once again sent me flowers the day before Valentine's Day! I think they look beautiful. I took a few pictures and even played around with the color filter on my camera... (I really should read the manual so I can do more with it)

And here's are Valentine's Dinner. Otto cooked the steak, I did the shrimp and onions and the microwave took care of the potato! It was tasty and very low-key. Exactly what I needed after the absolutely crazy week I just went through!

07 February 2008

Recent Happenings

We celebrated Otto's birthday with some friend's. We all met up at a place called Prime Quarter.

Here's our Friend Ashley cooking her Kabob... in pieces. It just started falling apart, and was easier to cook this way!

Chris and Jess came to join us as well! This was their nice picture!

Anne and Ryan... As you can tell Ryan enjoys making faces. And he was a little wound trying to keep up with Super Tuesday.

And, of course, here's Otto and I.

I was a wonderful meal made extra special with our friends who were able to make it. Sorry to Heather and James who weren't able to come because of the bad weather. Luckily the weather wasn't so bad in town. We knew the bad weather wasn 't coming until later. All-in-all it was GREAT! I even make Otto a rhubarb apple pie!!!

In case you didn't follow the weather we ended up with a Winter Storm Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. Which means I got another SNOW DAY! And I understand why schools were canceled. The wind and snow made it nearly impossible to see the road. At one point I opened the living room window and saw this:

The wind was blowing so hard that it matted the window so I could hardly see outside. And when I could see outside I was watching the tree branches wiping in the wind.

So, I spent all day at home... Unfortunately I didn't sleep in cause I was worried about Otto driving in this weather. But I did get a ton of work done around the house. I basically cleaned every room, but the kitchen, and worked on some wedding stuff I had put in the back burner until I had more time. Talk about a relaxing day! I wish every Wednesday was a SNOW DAY!

I obviously paid for it by not going anywhere on Wednesday. I came out to go to work to find my car buried! This is the picture from when I knocked all the snow down from the drivers side. Before I did anything it was from the roof to the ground from the drifting.

I just laughed because I was smart enough to put on my snow pants before leaving for work. I dug in and cleaned it all off in record time! And still had time to stop for a coffee on my way to work!
05 February 2008

This is for Otto!

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Be sure, if you get a chance, to call him!! When he gets home I want to hear about all the people who called him and sang to him!