24 November 2011

Thankfulness Episode 20

I am thankful for all of my friends, near and far!

There is something to be said about a good friend!  I have been blessed to have so many good people in my life over the years! I hope you all know what you mean to me!


Thankfulness Episode 19

I am thankful for craft shows!

I learn so many new things after each one I attend! I love to see so much creativity!!!


19 November 2011

Thankfulness Episode 18

I am thankful for Olive Garden's soup, salad & breadsticks!!! 



Thankfulness Episode 17

I am thankful for warm mittens!

Nothing beats a super warm pair of unique mittens!!!


Holiday Craft Show

Come out and see The Curious Coffee Shop in person at the Holiday Craft Show!!!

Masonic Temple
152 N Bird St
Sun Prairie, WI


16 November 2011

Thankfulness Episode 16

I am thankful for my new toy, a cricket expression!

I look forward to the many new projects ahead!!!


Thankfulness Episode 15

I am thankful for Paciugo's Affogato!

Gelato soaked in espresso!!!  Need I say more?!


Thankfulness Episode 14

I am thankful for a blue sky!

Definitely makes you feel better about the day as long as the sky is bright and open!!!


Thankfulness Episode 13

I am totally thankful for my Mum's fried chicken, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy! 

Nothing says comfort food like this dish! No one objects when this is on the menu! Instead the table is silent with everyone stuffing their faces!!! Mum, keep up the good work!!!


13 November 2011

Thankfulness Episode 12

I am thankful for John Hardy's BBQ!  

This is one place I seriously crave from MN when we're in Madison.  They have super fantastic pulled pork and jo-jo's (potato-y chips)!  I always have at least one jar of their BBQ sauce in my house at any given time!


11 November 2011

Thankfulness Episode 11

I am thankful for coffee!!!

Whether it's straight black drip coffee or a venti nonfat triple shot peppermint mocha; I love coffee!  The taste is soothing and familiar to me.  Definitely my favorite way to start the morning!


Thankfulness Episode 10

I am thankful for a beautiful dusk!

I love all the colors the sky turns!  The clear view, the open land and majestic landscape!  Welcome home to MN!!!


09 November 2011

Thankfulness Episode 8

I'm thankful for dry, warm feet!

There is something to be said about being warm and dry!  It's so soothing and comforting!!!


Thankfulness Episode 9

I am thankful for creativity!

Without it I don't know where I would be...


07 November 2011

Thankfulness Episode 7

I am thankful for comfortable footwear! 

I've been lucky in the fact that my feet don't require tremendous arch support. Thus, my vast collection of Converse All-Stars, and now Crocs!

These, by the way, are my brand new plum Crocs!!! 


06 November 2011

Before & After

We did some yard work this morning.  We started with a yellow yard (leaves) and ended with a green yard!  Crazy the amount of leaves we piled up!!!  Took five trips to the curb!  At least it's done now!  Desi even jumped in to help, literally!


Thankfulness Episode 6

I am thankful for our(my) new car!

First time I've ever gotten a new car, and I love it!!!

Thankfulness Episode 5

I am super thankful for Pho!

Need I say more?!

Thankfulness Episode 4

I am very thankful for the studio we built!

I am so glad to know there is a place where I can go to work on projects, leave an utter mess, watch movies, listen to music and create chaos!!!

Thankfulness Episode 3

I am thankful for our home!

It has been quite the adventure owning our own house. I wouldn't trade any of those memories!

And I look forward to making many more!!!

Thankfulness Episode 2

I am thankful for my husband, Otto!

Never has anyone been so supportive, loving, patient, kind and selfless!

I am extremely lucky to have found someone so wonderful to spend the rest of my life with!
05 November 2011


Been working on a special order these days.  Drop me line if you're in need of something special for the Holidays!  Times running out!  A mere 7 weeks before Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa!!!  Get your orders in!


03 November 2011

Thankfulness Episode 1

I am so thankful for my puppy Desianna! 

She is such a handful, but oh so sweet! She definitely makes each day interesting! She's always full of love and affection for everyone! We got lucky, we were blessed with a good-natured, social puppy!


Thankfulness 2011

Already behind, but hey, that's me for you!

I'm going to push myself for the entire month of November to post at least one thing a day that I'm thankful for!  That's a minimum of 30 things within my life that make me smile, laugh, sigh, appreciate, love and give me reason to open my eyes each day!  Things that I never want to forget, the silver lining we sometimes have a hard time finding, the special moments created within a second, and things that make my day!  30 is not a lot...  but we'll see where it goes before the end of the month!