07 November 2012

Thankfulness Episode 7

I'm thankful for the internet, and people who are patient enough to create videos about plumbing to help those who are having issues and refuse to call a plumber before giving it a try themselves!!!

06 November 2012

Thankfulness Episode 6

I'm thankful to live in a country that believes in voting!

Thankfulness Episode 5

I'm thankful for having the opportunity to take part in such historical events! I'm glad I took a friend up on the offer to go see the President speak, braved the cold and survived being packed in with about 20,000 people down at the state capitol! I will never forget it!

04 November 2012

Thankfulness Episode 4

I'm thankful for my sister! We may not have gotten along at all going up, but we're finally starting to appreciate the others company and opinions! I look forward to what the future holds for us, and what we have in store to strengthen our bond as sisters!!!

Thankfulness Episode 3

I'm thankful to have a super amazing best friend for so many years! We sort of ran into each other in high school and I never let looked back, I wouldn't let her! She definitely grounds me and keeps me level headed! I don't know where I'd be without her!

Thankfulness Episode 2

I am thankful for every moment spent with my extraordinary Grandmother!!! She's a super amazing woman who has been through so many things in her years! She's a true inspiration, and I hope to take on as many adventures as she has, and spoil my grandkids rotten (but not literally)!

01 November 2012

Thankfulness Episode 1

I am extremely thankfully everyday for my parents! They have always been there for me and supported all of my crazy ideas! I love you dearly!