28 May 2011


I've been meaning to do some organizing in the classroom. So, I had an opportunity to make a trip to IKEA this weekend and purchase some very cool items!  I can't wait to get them all set up over this next week!!! I will have to post before and after photos!!!

26 May 2011

The Verdict

The Great Dane Hilldale's Ahi Tuna Sandwich was delicious, fresh and spicy! I was not expecting the pickled veg (radish, carrot & red onion) to be so very spicy! But in a good way. The Sirracha mayo was an added zing to top the veg on the rare seasoned tuna steak! I would definitely order it again, espeically as a nice "lighter" summer sandwich! And the sweet potato fries were tasty as always!

Whole Foods Blood Orange Vanilla cake was surprisingly refreshing for cake. You had the zing of fluffy orange frosting layed with vanilla cake and covered with a light, sugary vanilla frosting topped with a white ganach with pretty colors. All together it worked as a orange dreamcicle yumminess! Not something you'd want a lot of, but wonderful in monderation for the warmer months of the year!

Whole Foods

Blood Orange Vanilla cake from Whole Foods!  Will post the result later!

Great Dane Hilldale

Ahi Tuna Sandwich with sweet potato fries!!! Will post the results.

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15 May 2011


Beautiful weather for grilling! Worked up some chicken kabobs and got some fresh pineapple!!! This is gonna be delicious!

05 May 2011


Heather's new fancy nails!!! Rockin'!


Lots of rain, cold weather and then there comes a rainbow!!! Beautiful! This picture does not do it justice!

02 May 2011


Desianna loves to play fetch so much she's started bringing me sticks when we're out in the backyard!!! Lol!