29 September 2010

Bowling Night

You know what I like about league bowling?! When your team strikes out you get a free drink!!!


27 September 2010

Archiver's Contest

During this Summer Archiver's held a one-of-a-kind wall art contest. I entered and won at my local store, which means my tray went onto the Nationwide competition at the Mall of American in September. Ultimately I didn't take a place at the big competition, but my tray did make it into their most recent email!!! My tray is what demonstrates the 4x6 opening tray! It's the white tray with the words MADISON faintly visible across the middle!

Here's the link!
26 September 2010

Very Busy Day!

This morning I decided to try my hand at making an apple oven pancake, basically a dutch pancake with apples. I would definitely call it an epic success!!!

Then I went on to hitting up the Re-Art Swap at Absolutely Art and The Scrapbook Superstore's Garage Sale for some super awesome deals! And it's only been a half day so far!

25 September 2010

Apple Cake

Here it is! Apple cake!!!

Apple Cake

After the orchard I tried my hand at making an apple cake! Upon taste testing I would have to call it a SUCCESS!!! Anyone wanting a slice better get over here fast! ;)


Totally hit up the apple orchard for the second time already this year! Time for some more baking!!!

Date Night

Took Otto out on a date last night since it was my turn. I've been meaning to take him to Joey's Seafood for some time now, so I decided last night was the perfect opportunity! It also happened to be the night of their all-you-can-eat fish fry! Otto & I love a good serving of fish & chips, so this was beyond perfect for us! And to top it off? They had Capitol Oktoberfest on tap!!! They had some wonderfully beer battered haddock with piping hot fries and coleslaw. We fully enjoyed our meal, but that wasn't the end. Turns out Quivey's Grove wanted to help us celebrate our Anniversary by sending us an email for a free dessert for each of us! Otto ordered another Capitol Oktoberfest while I decided to try the Peppermint Patty! Both we good! For dessert Otto ordered the turtle cheesecake which turned out to be a no-bake chocolate cheesecake on top of caramel & pecans all resting in a pie crust! Definitely creamy and rich. I took my chances on the chocolate steamed pudding covered in a thick, sweet frosting like sauce sprinkled with walnuts. Wish it had a better chocolate flavor, but the sauce was tasty!

24 September 2010


Came home from work to a very pleasant surprise! I definitely have a wonderful husband!

23 September 2010

New Sign

I love the new sign that I found today!

22 September 2010
It's been quite the interesting day...  I didn't know a tooth could fall out like that, and I'm not talking about mine. :(  Rough day at work.
04 September 2010

Target Field

Our annual family baseball game! Perfect day!