11 September 2007

Day 58-67 + Weekend Updates

I'm going to work with bullets for this post. It's been 2 weeks since I last updated.
  • That last week in August, we had "in-service" days. It was boring... I wish I could get that time back.
  • The first weekend in September Jeb, Ribbit and Sean came to visit! We went to a Ren. Faire, checked out the Taste of Madison, visited the Children's Museum and just enjoyed our time together!!
  • My first week with my new crew went fairly well. We had some rough spots, but we got through it.
  • Wednesday nights we're playing sand volley ball at a local pub. Of course I hurt myself, nothing serious. Just a jammed finger for about 2 days.
  • Last weekend we spent some time with Chris and Jess!
  • I officially hate the UW Health System! If you want to know more, ask me via email or something...
  • And finally... the main reason why I haven't written in 2 weeks.... My computer hates me and gives me the blue-screen-of-death! No particular reason really. It just decides it's had enough and turns itself off. So I'm finally getting back at it!! Mwa ha ha!! I bought a new computer!!!! I'm super excited, and I wasted no time setting it up and post a blog!
In conclusion... my older computer sucks, and my new computer is amazing!!! At some point I will post a pic, she is a beauty!

But as for now, my body is requiring sleep!


Smiley said...

Lol. You get a newer computer, I get an older car.