22 January 2009

A very memorable morning

It's Thursday, obviously... and today was just one of those days where I was extremely glad it wasn't a Monday.

I have a new co-teacher, and it's taken adjustment. We're working very well together, which helps with what occurred today.

My new co-teacher was at the changing table, while I was finishing up serving and cleaning up after breakfast. I sent a child over to the bathroom with the instructions to pull down their pants, take off their diaper and to sit on the potty. I watched as they walked over, and when I thought they were well on their way I turned my back to finish cleaning up the table. When I turned back I just thought something didn't look right... I called for my co-teachers attention and we both came to the same realization! The kid had stopped in the entrance to the bathroom, braced themselves against the door jam, and were laying a load on the floor. The kid stood there and just pooped!!! We were both taken aback! We just didn't know what to do at that point... should we try to move the child and risk spreading the mess, or just let them finish and deal with it?! I personally just bent over with laughter! There was nothing more I could do! I laughed so hard!!! My co-teacher was just so shocked she didn't know what to do, but she ended up cleaning up the mess, which wasn't bad because someone the child completely missed messing their pants... so it was just cleaning up the floor and disinfecting it. It definitely made for an extremely memorable morning. And every time I've shared my story with someone they've shared in my laughter!


Kerry said...

I'm not sure that would be my response. O_O