28 November 2010

Holiday Decorating

We were ambitious this evening and decorated! Finally I have a proper place for the tree to be displayed!!!


27 November 2010

Festivals of Trees!!!

A night filled with family, food and beautiful Holiday trees!!!


21 November 2010

Holiday Sale


21 November 2010 through 21 December 2010

Most items will be reduced in price for the Holiday Season!

Consider it my gift to you!!!

Now, go shopping already!!!
19 November 2010

Holiday Sale! Come Check It Out!!!

17 November 2010

Thankfulness Episode Seventeen

I'm thankful for an education, and the opportunities I've been given to expand my knowledge! I will forever keep learning!!!


Thankfulness Episode Sixteen

I'm thankful for pho, egg rolls and vietnamese coffee with sweet milk!!! It's good for the soul and whatever ails you!!!


Thankfulness Episode Fifteen

I'm thankful for the game of baseball!  And of course, GO TWINS!!!


Thankfulness Episode Fourteen

I'm so very thankful for good chocolate!!!


13 November 2010

Thankfulness Episode Thirteen

I'm thankful for creativity!


12 November 2010

Thaankfulness Episode Twelve

I'm thankful for windsheild wipers!!! Without them I'm pretty sure no one would drive in the rain or snow... at least those of us without a death wish.


11 November 2010

Thankfulness Episode Eleven

I'm thankful for a Country who protects its citizens, and for those citizens who step forth to take on that responsibility! Thank you Veterans, past and present!


10 November 2010

Thankfulness Episode Ten

I'm thankful, hardcore, for Chipotle!!! Yummy burrito coma!


Thankfulness Episode Nine

I'm thankful for games! Board games, cards, video games, computer games, games, games, games!!!


09 November 2010

Thankfulness Episode Eight

I'm thankful for warm fuzzy blankets to snuggle down into!


Thankfulness Episode Seven

I'm thankful for booklights for those long drives at night!!!


Thankfulness Episode Six

I'm thankful for good food, good friends and good beer all together in one place!


Thankfulness Episode Five

I'm thankful for short Fridays!!!


06 November 2010

Thankfulness Episode Four

I'm always thankful for alarm clocks! As annoying as they can be in the morning...


03 November 2010

Thankfulness Episode Three

Bowling, bowling, bowling!!! So thankful for bowling!


02 November 2010

Thankfulness Episode Two

I'm thankful to live in a country that believes in Democracy! GO VOTE!!!


Thankfulness Episode One

I'm thankful for my husband Otto! I can't believe we've been together for 5 years now! But have known each other for almost 7!