27 February 2011

Caught in the Act

We've been keeping Desianna awake after 5pm in hopes of her sleeping through the night (or until her bladder wakes her); and so far it's been working wonderfully! Although it's tough having to keep a puppy awake, but we have managed thus far (until tonight)...

I was playing with her when I pulled the laptop down off the counter to do a couple things on the computer. Somehow she found herself in my lap, curled up and went to sleep... Then Otto came down and caught me! Oops! Lol!
She was just too cute! I couldn't bring myself to wake her up. I did in the end have to move her so I could stand up and get dinner started... she was not a happy puppy with that decision, but she'll live!!!

Fancy Breakfast

Otto decided to get creative and made omelettes for Sunday breakfast!!! Delicious!


26 February 2011

Crate Training

Crate training is really paying off! She just crawled into the crate on her own for a nap!!!


25 February 2011


Out to dinner with Rob, Natalie & Otto at Huhot!!! Bring on the yumminess!


22 February 2011

The New Addition

We'd like to welcome a new addition to our home! Desianna Jetta Dingfelder! We picked her up on Sunday from the breeder, and we've all been doing well ever since! Desianna's Birthday is December 27, 2010; that puts her at 8 weeks at this point and she's about the size of a gallon of milk, and only weighs 2.3 lbs. We've been crate training her and she's responding well! Most nights we all get a good 5-6 hrs of sleep before bathroom breaks! (definitely more sleep than Otto or I was expecting!) At this point her two favorite activities are napping and playing fetch! (seriously, she plays fetch!!!) She's very intelligent, sweet and mellow (for a puppy)! She had her first vet visit tonight, and we've had our first set back; found out she has worms! At least we were able to get her some meds and get them started to clear it up!!! I will be sure to post many more pictures and updates in the near future!!!
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20 February 2011

New Puppy

Here's the puppy! Name is still in the works, but I do know one thing... she likes to nap!


12 February 2011

Wine & Hop Shop

Otto & Mum are preparing to brew an American Cream Ale this afternoon! We're at the shop choosing grains and milling them. Should make for an interesting afternoon!!!


11 February 2011


Keesha made herself at home on our couch in short order!!!