18 March 2011

Desianna & Lilly

Desianna got to meet her cousin Lilly this past weekend. It was quite the meeting... Lilly was not her usual, and Desianna was more than excited to have someone new to play with! As you can see from the video Lilly really wanted nothing to do with Desi, but she wasn't giving up! Desi just kept trying to bring toys up to Lilly to entice her, but Lilly was stubborn! Lol... Oh well, maybe they'll be better at the end of April when Desi will go back to MN with us to meet the rest of the family! Enjoy the video!!!
06 March 2011

Desianna Update

So we've had Desianna for 2 full weeks! She's now 10 weeks old, and after going to the Vet on Friday for her second set of puppy shots we found out she's gained 2 lbs and is taller! So her total weight is now 4.3 lbs!!! She's still considered "lean" by the Vet, but she's doing great! Her worms are gone and her UTI has cleared up too! Otto has been working with her on the "sit" and "come" commands, while I've been playing "fetch" and snuggling with her!!!
Here she is with Otto! Still quite the small pup!
And here I am with her after playing around in the kitchen after dinner!

We're looking forward to our puppy class starting on the 14th of March, and something new and exciting... Tami, Jeff & Lilly are coming to visit next weekend! It will be fun to introduce Desianna and Lilly to each other!!!
05 March 2011

We're Stuck!

Otto came over to give me a hug & kiss, all the while Desianna decided it would be an excellent opportunity to find a new place to lay! Upon our feet!!! My only comment... best foot warmer ever!!!