29 September 2011

New Belgium Brewing Company

My nineth official Okotoberfest is from New Belgium Brewing Company out in Colorado! I know this because Otto & I got to tour the facility last year!!!

This Oktoberfest is called Hoptober, which suits it! There is a definite hoppiness that comes through the smell and initial taste! But it passes quickly leaving behind the sweet maltiness that engulfs your tongue. Yum!!!


23 September 2011

At the Brewer's game! Go Cubs!

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20 September 2011

3rd Anniversary

This is how we celebrate a 3rd Anniversary.

We sleep in and have a leisurely breakfast, we take the puppy hiking at Governor Dodge State Park and have a picnic, followed by an introductory trip to the dog park and a romantic dinner out.

How do we end our evening?!

With Starbucks and a Gigi cupcake!!!

Happy 3rd Anniversary my love!!!


19 September 2011

Granite City Brewery

The eighth official Oktoberfest is from Granite City Brewery.

Soft amber color with a good hop to malt ratio! Tastes good with a brat & saurkraut on a cool afternoon! The finish is slightly harsh, but not overly so. I especially love the tappings at Granite City due to the fact that they serve free food if you have a Mug Club Membership!  ;)


15 September 2011

Bell's Brewery

The seventh official Oktoberfest is from Bell's Brewery and is called Oberon.

This one caught me off guard with the hoppiness bursting forth! It's so hoppy I can barely catch the malty after-taste, which is fine with me, I love hops!  The color is a lighter amber, and very clear! I would order it again!


August Schell Brewing Co.

The sixth official Oktoberfest is from the August Schell Brewing Co.

This one has a very harsh flavor, not smooth in any way. Definitely one that over powers everything, including whatever you're eating.  Don't think I will be drinking that again, unless there are no other choices!


10 September 2011


Does somebody love snuggling down in the pillows or what?!


Capital Brewery

My sixth official Oktoberfest is from Capital Brewery here in Madison, WI.

I was patiently each year for this seasonal brew to hit the taps!!! This is my second favorite behind Spaten.  This has the right balance of malt & hops to create a crisp, clean taste that leaves a lasting impression; you'll always be wanting another!

As a side note, totally worth heading over to Capital Brewery's Beer Garden!!! Catch a pint on tap and enjoy a wonderful evening outdoors!


Hacker-Pscchorr, Munchen

My fifth offical Oktoberfest is from Hacker-Pschorr, Munchen!

God bless the German Beir Haus!!!!  Thank you Essen Haus!

This one is definitely more malty and has a harsher finish compared to Spaten.  We decided it wasn't one we should have followed the last one with, but we finished it and enjoyed it just the same.


09 September 2011

Spaten, Munchen

My fourth official Oktoberfest is from Spaten, Munchen!

This is my all time favorite Oktoberfest!!!  So much so that I hope to go to Germany next year to drink in this brewery's tent for Oktoberfest!!!  If want authentic seasonal beer this is the way to go!!!  I love everything about it, and can't put any of it into words. Go figure...  Just go get some, now!!!


07 September 2011

Leinenkugel Brewing Co.

Third official Oktoberfest is from the Leinenkugel Brewing Co.

It's crystal clear, and very bright. There is a strong malty flavor that coats your tongue then slowly fades between drinks. Decent, but not one I would seek out again. Although I would consider it if there is nothing else.


Point Brewing Co.

Second Oktoberfest is from Point Brewing Co.

It was ok. Nothing special, actually quite generic.  Don't think I feel the need to seek out to try again.


04 September 2011

Vintage Brewing Co

First one to officially check off the list of Oktoberfests this year! The Vintage Brewing Co.

Definitely malty, but I get my hop-y bite! Brilliant amber coloring.  Very smooth for a finish. I will be back for more!