28 September 2007

And that's all I have to say!
14 September 2007

Day 68-69


I still get to see my old crew almost everyday. Actually, one particular class, who received 4 of our old crew, is outside the same time as my new class. Thus, I get to see them and talk to them regularly. The funny part is that they always ask how my "babies" are. I chuckle every time! But the other day one of my old crew asked if the "babies" talked. I said, "Of course they do." I then proceeded to try and get one of them to say something unsuccessfully... But the child from my old crew responded, "I know they talk, they have teeth!" Moral of the rambling story... If you have teeth you can talk!


My hours at work have been shifted 15 min earlier each day... this is now a problem because traffic is horrific at this time! Driving to work now takes me 10-15 min, instead of just 8. :( I can't believe how 15 min makes such a drastic difference on the Beltline!


Wednesday night we won our first game at sand volleyball!! So, we went for ice cream to celebrate! Not the best idea since we were frozen! But the ice cream tasted great!!!

I'm excited! We're having our friends James and Heather come to Madison on Friday. I think we plan on taking them to eat at this Vietnamese place that has very tasty food!!! I will try to get some pics of the food and post them! I've eaten there once before, during my "in-service". Our co-director, Spanish teacher, and one of the support staff all decided to give it a try! I think we all had a great time sharing our meals!!
11 September 2007

Day 58-67 + Weekend Updates

I'm going to work with bullets for this post. It's been 2 weeks since I last updated.
  • That last week in August, we had "in-service" days. It was boring... I wish I could get that time back.
  • The first weekend in September Jeb, Ribbit and Sean came to visit! We went to a Ren. Faire, checked out the Taste of Madison, visited the Children's Museum and just enjoyed our time together!!
  • My first week with my new crew went fairly well. We had some rough spots, but we got through it.
  • Wednesday nights we're playing sand volley ball at a local pub. Of course I hurt myself, nothing serious. Just a jammed finger for about 2 days.
  • Last weekend we spent some time with Chris and Jess!
  • I officially hate the UW Health System! If you want to know more, ask me via email or something...
  • And finally... the main reason why I haven't written in 2 weeks.... My computer hates me and gives me the blue-screen-of-death! No particular reason really. It just decides it's had enough and turns itself off. So I'm finally getting back at it!! Mwa ha ha!! I bought a new computer!!!! I'm super excited, and I wasted no time setting it up and post a blog!
In conclusion... my older computer sucks, and my new computer is amazing!!! At some point I will post a pic, she is a beauty!

But as for now, my body is requiring sleep!