21 December 2007

Holiday Break Plans

Here's the schedule for our time home during the Holiday Break. If you'd like to get together just call me or post something, I'll check this often!

Friday night
(? 6pm) Leave Madison
(8/830) Arrive in Winona to attend the Holiday Party @ Rachel's (call for directions or ask)
(? ? ?) Drive out to the farm to crash for the night

(? ? ?) I think at some point we are having dinner together as a family... other than that... ?

(? ? ?) Wake up and get ready
(Mid-morning) Drive to Stewartville
(? ? ?) Nothing planned at this point

(? ? ?) Wake up?!
(? ? ?) As far as I know we have most of the day free
(Evening) Family Christmas Eve Tradition!!!
(Late) Drive to Gram;s house of the night

(? ? ?) Wake up to see what Santa brought me!
(Mid-morning) Drive back to the farm for the rest of the day

(? 10am) Drive back to Madison


Anonymous said...

Brunch on Wednesday for those who aren't working? (Can be homemade or restaurant.)

K.Dingfelder said...

Good idea Rachel! And I like how you suggested Bonnie's in Rollingstone, I've never eaten there, and I'd like a change from eating at Perkin's every time we come to town.

So, how does Bonnie's at 8am on Wednesday Morning sound?! Anyone care to join us?