19 November 2007

Here's a quick pic of how our flowers are going to look. At least this is what we would like. Something simple and unique. At this point we're thinking Daisies... Anyone have an opinion?

Tried our chances with Thai food! It was so tasty!! We're definitely going to try it again!!

Friday we tried Granite City for dinner. I ordered the Asian Chicken Salad, and it looked so small, but it was actually very compacted shredded ingredients... I had to take at least half of it home for leftovers!

Otto ordered Fish and Chips. It was decent, but didn't hold a candle to my salad!

Saturday night I had friends over. I cooked Spicy Spaghetti, and our friends brought a loaf of bread to share. It was a ton of fun, especially when we made homemade chocolate chip cookies. We ended up having an unofficial contest as to who could eat the most cookies! We lost count!

I got new shoes!!! Converse slip-ons! I took a detour to DSW the other day, and I just happened upon them, and I couldn't leave them there! They are my new favorite shoes!!

Here's the plan for the upcoming holiday weekend.
Wednesday night: arrive in town, somewhere around 9pm or 930pm, and hang out with people at the Acoustic Cafe. Everyone should come join us!!! I'm talking to you Kathy and Sarah!
Thursday: Thanksgiving at the Dingfelder's
Thursday night: Drive to Stewartville
Friday: Grandma's Birthday
Saturday: Meet with photographer
Saturday night: drive back to Rollingstone
Sunday: drive back to Madison


Smiley said...

Allow me to share with you a rather simple theorem:

simple flowers = less stress + lower cost => calmer bride

As for the food, that first picture looks like the intestines of some unfortunate animal. Ick.

Kris said...

Actually it was chicken, cabbage, onions, cashews and sauce. The lighting was very low, thus it doesn't look the most appetizing, but I assure you... it was amazingly good!

Rachel said...

Daisies are awesome! The color you have chosen is great too!

CresceNet said...
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Smiley said...

That's discrimination, you know--deleting posts just because they aren't in English. :P

Smiley said...

Off work for three days, and still no update? SLACKER!!

Smiley said...
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