24 March 2008

Happy Spring!

The Tillison's hosted Easter this year up in Farmington, MN. A nice 4.5 hr drive from Madison, WI! But well worth the trip! Chelle and Kyle did a great job with the Ham and Fish... but I was hoping for Kyle's World Famous Macaroni and Cheese with Peas... maybe next year. Mom, Da, Gram and Tami came up as well! It was just one big family gathering!

Here's a few of the photos I took!

Sibling love! Rob and Chelle!! (with a glimpse of my Mom in the background)


Kayla (Oldest child) and Daddy (Kyle) relaxing after all the excitement of the day.


Rhys (Middle child) with his thumb where it always is... in his mouth.


Baby Tyler (Youngest child) with a huge smile on his face!