13 March 2008

Jodi Picoult

My Sister's Keeper
The Pact
Vanishing Acts

These are merely three books I have read by the author Jodi Picoult. I believe someone turned me onto My Sister's Keeper when they found out I loved to read, and had the time to delve into a good book. Shortly after I purchased it on a whim at a local bookstore. I absolutely fell in love with it! It made me laugh, it made me cry, and best of all it made me think! Anyone whoever asks me for a good book gets this one thrown at them! Thus, I decided to look into some of her other books. I randomly picked up The Pact and finished it in record time. Not exactly the happiest book, but again, it really had me thinking... Ethically and morally. Then, before I left Winona, I went to my favorite bookstore to have one last look around before my voyage to Madison. I picked up another one of her books and flew through it! I can definitely say I enjoy this author... although I will admit I haven't read everything she writes... and there are probably a few I won't ever pick up... I can still say I was extremely excited to find out she had published a new book and was going to be reading and discussing this book at Border's in Madison! I took my copy of My Sister's Keeper and bought her new book Change of Heart. The store was packed when I got there so I had to stand the entire time... not bad; she's a charismatic person! She read the first chapter of her book and then went on to answer questions from how she got started in writing to how controversial some of her material is to who her favorite characters are. After she sat at a table and you could bring up as many books as you wanted her to sign. They had a great system set up at the store. They handed out raffle tickets and called groups of numbers at a time so they never had a huge line to manage in the store, and when you were in line it went extremely fast! From the end of the line to meeting the author was only a 10min wait! I even got a photo!!!

If anyone ever has a chance to meet her, take the time! She's GREAT!


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