17 May 2009

New Home

So we closed on our house on Friday... and then the chaos began!

Mom, Da and Gram all came down to help us get settled and work on some projects in the house.

Friday we:
*Changed the locks on the doors
*Cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms
*Brought over the kitchen island
*Unpacked some boxes from our cars
*Spent a ton of money at Menards
*Coaxed the laundry structure into the basement

Saturday we:
*Got tons of things at Home Depot
*Installed better light bulbs
*Washed the walls
*Washed the dishes that we packed/unpacked
*Sorted through the kitchen and put some things away
*Worked with cables for TV throughout the house
*Took the dog out multiple times
*Had the washer and dryer delivered
*Realized our backyard has no grass, it's all weeds
*Bought paint for multiple rooms
*Made our first meal in the kitchen
*Got a treat from Starbucks

Sunday we:
*Taped off and painted the bedroom and bathroom
*Created a extended bar to hang clothes from in the basement
*Tapped into our water line to move the fridge
*Brought over a couple chairs to the house to sit on
*Moved a table in the dining room
*Cooked our first meal on the grill
*Got another treat from Starbucks!!!
*Spent more money at Menards

Now tomorrow... Otto and I have to go to work... While Mom, Da and Gram tape off and prepare the living room, dinging room and kitchen for painting tomorrow night. I just hope I can make it through the day tomorrow at work without falling asleep or being too grouchy with the kids... wish me a ton of luck!!!