08 June 2009

Our New Home

So I've finally gotten a chance to do an update on our new home!!

Here's some pictures of the living room. Keep in mind we're still trying to get things settled. You can see some boxes in the corner or the first picture, I waiting to make sure everything is in its place before pounding holes in the wall!Here's the dining room, or at least a quick shot of the dining room!

Our wonderful kitchen! You can see the new kitchen island and the shelf I had Da install over the sink for all my cookbooks! And it works out that we were able to install a light under the shelf!! Very helpful!

Here's the new dishwasher and counter!!! Absolutely in love with it!!!

Here's the guest Bedroom where Da lived for 2 weeks! There is much more room in here, but I was in a hurry to take pics so I could post them!

Otto got around to painting his office this weekend! He peeled off all the nasty pink wallpaper, then painted the bottom part of the wall blue!
Here he is unpacking things and trying to get settled!

And here's a quick glimpse of my project room... I know, it's a total mess right now! I keep getting distracted by other things, but eventually I will have this room completely organized!!


Michelle said...

It looks huge! I still really love the double front doors. Now you just need to fill it up with the pitter patter of otto the 4ths ; )

Joanna said...

Hey Lady and Gent!

The place is lookin' HOT. Love the double doors and the Par-Kay Floors in the second bedroom! Those are wood floors you dont see as often and they are lovey! So jealous. Otto looks relaxed in his "man-cave" get-away area where he can be a boy... and Kris you have your own gal-corner in your own room! how lucky!

love you both!!!!