03 October 2007

Day 81


So this week has been interesting so far. I didn't go out and start telling all the staff about my engagement, in stead I saw my regulars and let them in on the news. And here's how it went. One of the Sunflower Teachers is often in my room in the morning because the ratio is over as early as 7:30am, I don't get in until 8:30 because they need me later in the day. So I came into the room, and we had a short chat about our weekends, and just before she left the room I told her to wait I had something to show her. She was super excited, since she's met Otto a handful of times and teased him about when he was going to get around to asking. She then gave me a huge hug and headed off to her room. A few minutes later the other Sunflower Teacher poked her head into our room, and said I had something to show her. So I did! She was even more excited about it!! And from there staff slowly learned about the engagement. Some found out by asking how my weekend was or by someone saying something to them. One staff from the Sunshine room stopped by just as I was leaving last night. She stood in my doorway and started saying, "No way you didn't tell about this! I gotta see it!!!" I started laughing and walked over to her. We chatted for awhile, and as everyone has offered she said if I need any help to just let her know. Thus, it's been an interesting week, and today my be ever more so. My co-teacher hasn't been in yet this week, she took Mon. and Tue. off, so we shall see how her reactions goes today...


Last night was our 2 Year Anniversary, and we decided to go out to dinner as an Engagement/Anniversary Dinner. We both got home from work, put on some nice clothes and headed to a local Hibachi grill called, Edo Garden. It was very good!!! We had the entire Hibachi table to ourselves! And the funniest part was the fact that they only gave you chopsticks! After awhile Otto called surrender asking for a fork, the waiter gave him and fork, but also gave him a set of chopsticks telling him to practice at home; the first surrender was acceptable, but next time... After dinner we headed to Cold Stone! Gotta love the Cold Stone!!! All-in-all it was the best!

Gas prices are down to $2.85! Now, if only it would stay that low!

I plan on making it back to the SE MN area as early as Wednesday, October 10. Unfortunately it won't be until extremely late! But the plan is as follows:

Thursday Morning: Head into to Winona to Madison Elementary to see children and people
Thursday Lunch: Somewhere in Winona with my best friend Jeb
Thursday Afternoon: Hit up Key Kids to play games and sing songs!
Thursday Evening: CSI night with my peeps in Winona!!
Friday Morning: Hang out at the farm
Friday Lunch: Meeting up with Michelle and baby Jayne!!
Friday Afternoon: Spend some time in Rochester
Friday Evening: Spend some time with Family!
Saturday Morning: Sleep in!!!
Saturday Lunch: ???
Saturday Afternoon: ???
Saturday Evening: Birthday Party!!
Sunday Morning: Sleep in!!!!
Sunday Lunch: ???
Sunday Afternoon: Leave to return to Madison

This plan is completely tentative... Cause one never knows what will happen!


Michelle said...

We are so excited to see you.We'll have to stop by coldstone after luch so Adam can see your rock.