23 October 2007

Serious Update

Well, I am now officially 26... not that it feels any different from 25. For my birthday I took off of work for a long weekend! We got into Rollingstone late on October 10th. We crashed out at the Dingfelder farm. October 11th Otto and I drove into town to pick up Jeb, then we dropped off Otto to spend some time with his mom. Jeb and I went out for lunch at the Acoustic! Very tasty!! I then dropped her off on campus for class and headed to Madison Elementary to see some old friends! I surprised my old student!! She was so excited she kept hugging me and refused to let me out of her sight. We spent her working time playing Go Fish with her new interpreter. It was a blast!!! I spent some more time walking around talking to kids, teachers and staff (sorry I missed you Kathy :( maybe next time). I then hit up 5 of the 6 Key Kids sites to see kids and staff!! It was a wonderful time! After I was done I headed to Becky's to start making dinner. I made Mmm Soup!!! And everyone ate almost all of it! Rachel bought me a cake! And we ate it all!Then October 12th we drove into Rochester to have dinner with Michelle and her new baby boy Jayne! He's so adorable!!! After lunch we headed to Cold Stone to see Adam, and so I could get my free ice cream!!!

Joanna came down to meet my family at Mr. Pizza for dinner!! I miss that pizza! October 13th we met Emily in Rochester for lunch and did some shopping. Then headed home for my Birthday party! Mom made an awesome ice cream cake!!! YUMMY!!!
All in all, I was overly spoiled for my birthday! Some gift highlights are: Electric teakettle, chocolate covered espresso beans, coffee, UNO!, gift certificates, hoodie, pizza stone, antique sign, and getting a chance to see everyone I did!!!

I'm still getting over all the excitement from the long weekend! Wish me luck!


Michelle said...

I'M NOT RACHEL! I like the pic though. could you e-mail it to me. I don't have a whole lot of pics with me in it.

Kris said...

Sorry about that... I was tired when I was posting. And yes, I will send you the picture!

Megan Ferguson Roberts said...

Sounds like you had fun!