27 October 2007

Local Cuisine

Our friends Traci and Greg came into Madison last night. Luckily we got a chance to meet up with them before we left town for the weekend. We decided to go out to dinner, but also invited our neighbors Anne and Ryan. The time was set, 7:30pm, and we had chosen a place called:
So, we also decided to invite Sarmila as well, then her friend Josh showed up too! We had a decent sized group going! Well, we got there somewhere around 7:45pm, and were seated about 8:15/8:30pm. We were having a blast. Josh started some random conversation about different drinks and life in California... Then Josh, Anne and I all ordered a drink called the Bomb Pov. Look familiar? I think so! This drink tasted like the Bomb Pop popsicle!! But it didn't look very nice after you stirred it all together, at least it was tasty! Then they brought out the bread! Warm, italian seasoned bread with olive oil and fresh ground pepper to dip it in!!! We devoured the first batch of it in no time flat!! Luckily our waiter rocked and brought us all some more.
I ended up ordering the New York Strip, it was Otto's choice. Personally I couldn't decide between a few meals, so I him make the decision. Unfortunately the bread and appetizers filled us up so much I hardly made a dent in my Steak!Lucky me, Otto loves to take leftovers to work for lunch! So that's why he chose the steak... At the end of the meal everyone was stuffed to the gills and happy to have had the chance to meet some new people and share some excellent food!!This is definitely a place Otto and I will visit again!!

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Michelle said...

Sounds like a fun place.

Rachel said...

No kidding. Its kinda too bad that my parents are so close to Madison. I can't just go to Madtown to hang out all weekend. My parents would get upset if Teddy was so close and they didn't get to see him.