07 April 2008

Accredidation Review

Our facility has begun that time of year when we go through the accredidation process. This means lots of paperwork and reviews. Luckily my co-teacher and I were at the top of the list. It took us a couple of days to fill out the paperwork, but today we had our review. I was sort of nervous... but who wouldn't be nervous about someone scrutinizing you as you're trying to work with 12 two year olds!

When I showed up to work today at 8:15am she was already sitting in our room making some notations. (note: in the morning since my co-teacher doesn't arrive until 8am our kids are dropped off in another classroom) So, I walked down to the other classroom to get our kids and meet up with me co-teacher. We brought the kids back and tried to start our day as close to normal as possible. But our kids are smart, they picked up on the fact that some random person was just sitting in our room. We introduced them and just started doing our own thing. Most of them ignored her, while others kept going over and trying to engage her. Anyway, she stayed through the end of lunch, then left so we could get the kids settled down for nap time. All-in-all I think it went really well. Our kids acted differently though. Some exchanged roles, while others we nothing like their normal selves. It was very strange. Now we just have to wait to have a meeting with her to talk about her notations, questions and suggestions. At least now I can breathe a little easier... not so much pressure anymore!