20 April 2008

Week in Review

We finally had some nice weather, so I decided it was time to make more chalk bubbles! The kids and I had a blast making bubbles on the pavement... But I think I need to start making something new!

Spent a lot of time outside with the kids! And had a very busy evening trying to get some work done. Created taco seasoning from scratch. It was tasty, but spicy.

Joanna was working in Wausau, WI this past week (approx. 2hrs from Madison) and we decided to meet up for dinner one night. We met in Westfield, WI at a place called the Haystack Supper Club, which happened to be an 1hr drive for both of us. It was difficult to find, but well worth the trip. They had very good food! And tons of it! It was GREAT getting a chance to see her, even if it was only for a couple hours!

Da sent Otto and I a package. He wouldn't tell us what it was, but it showed up on Wednesday afternoon. Turns out it was a couple of Twins hats!!!
So we put them on!

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning... we spent most of our time afternoon going around and cleaning the apartment for our guests coming for the weekend. Even though the place wasn't a pigsty we still feel like we need to thoroughly clean everything!

Art & Rob show up to eat BBQ Ribs! It was very tasty and fun!!

We took them to the Farmer's Market. Of course we bought Spicy Cheese Bread, Squeaky Cheese Curds, and Beef Jerky!!!
We took them on a tour of the Capitol building, then headed down State Street to eat at Ian's pizza and check out some of the shops!
We took them to the Henry Villas Zoo! It was a ton of fun!Then we headed to Edo Garden for dinner!
Our Hibatchi chef was awesome! We'll definitely request Chef Andy again!!!

We started our morning off with a wonderful brunch made by Otto. Headed out to run some errands and stopped for some ice cream at the Chocolate Shoppe!!!
Then they left to head home. Art is like my unbiological father, and Rob's my unbiological brother!!! It was SUPER GREAT for them to come visit us!! And we hope they come again!

Otto and I have a new project! Another garden...
First one needs a plastic tote (ours is 27 quarts)
Then you need to drill holes in the bottom for drainage.Line the bottom with a thin layer of gravel.
Make sure the table is sturdy on the ground so it doesn't tip over.
Put a couple screws through a couple of the drilled holes.
This is to make sure the tote stays on the table and doesn't slide off.Top the gravel with soil. (We use Miracle Grow Moisture Control)Then plant everything. (we planted lettuce, green onion and tomato plants) We'll see how this turns out!

On a side note our indoor garden is doing well!Here's the Cilantro!The tiny Oregano!Of course the Sweet Basil!!
And our newest addition! Chocolate Mint! I'm gonna attempt tea!


Michelle said...

We just planted 3 itty bitty pots to put in our window. 1 tomato, 1 strawberry, and 1 lavander. They are still just seeds. I planted them on saturday, except the lavender which was thursday. I can't wait to see them grow. I told Adam that it was fun to sow my seeds and that he should know ; )
(my seed sowing was probably not AS fun though)

Michelle said...

I work from 2-11p that day. I don't think we are doing anything on Sat...except playing our Wii nonstop ; )

How was the wedding over the weekend?

Michelle said...

His Mommy go that same sneaky grin when she was about to get into the fireplace ; )