13 April 2008

Recent Happenings

We decided to plant an indoor garden! Otto wanted Strawberries, so he bought a kit which he put together in the green pot on the right. I wanted to work with some fresh herbs, so I plant Spearmint in the round container and Basil, Oregano, Cilantro in the square planter. So far the Basil is zipping right along... Oregano is slowly starting to sprout, and I found some Cilantro peaking through! Spearmint is no where to be seen and the Strawberries too... I will have to take pictures to chronicle their development!

Today Otto decided he'd finally put up the bracer for the shelf in the laundry room! Doesn't it look nice!! Glad to know I'm going to be marrying a "Fix-it Guy"!

Last night we got together with some of our friends for dinner. We decided to celebrate our engagements and a try a new place at the same time! We had dinner at Samba Brazilian Grill!

Otto & I were engaged on 09/28/2007, James & Heather were engaged on 11/02/2007, Nick & Elaine were engaged on 12/22/2007! This is the first time we've all been able to get together since it all happened!

At Samba they have long skewers of meat that they cook. Each night they have a variety of 8! The variety last night was: Flank Steak, Sirloin, Rack of Lamb, Leg of Lamb, Parmesan Crusted Pork, Polish Sausage, Steak rolled in Bacon, and Roasted Duck. You're given this pillar, red on one side and green on the other. It starts with the Red side up, when you're ready for the gouches to come to your table you turn the Green side up. Shortly after the gouches just start showing up with huge skewers of meat to carve at your table! And they were amazing!!! So tasty!

But, before you start with the meat they have a an area dedicated to salads, cheese, vegetables, olives, and more. One of the salads was a Wasabi Octopus Salad...

Otto bravely tried it and declared it quite tasty, but HOT!

I asked the waitress for a suggestion for something to drink. This is a Batida! It has passion fruit puree, Cacacha and cane sugar. They even placed a cherry at the bottom! It was GREAT!!!

But not as great at their desserts!

Elaine and I shared their Samba "S'mores"! It was AWESOME! So sweet and yummy, yet spicy! We'd definitely go back to have it again!

James and Heather shared Cinnamon-Chocolate Mousse! Also, very yummy!!!

Otto and Nick shared two scoops of Mango gelato! They were really enjoying it!


Smiley said...

You neglected to mention the date Otto and Nick became engaged.

Rachel said...

I bet this will make Otto's current husband a bit jealous. ;)

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