05 August 2007

Day 38-40 + Weekend Update (continued)

I tried to get a nice pic of them, but they refused to cooperate... so they goofed around and I took the pic anyway. This is how they really are! GOOFY! Either way, we had a ton of fun!!!

They had this super sweet playground, but it wasn't open yet. :(

We needed to do some grocery shopping, so we took her along. She was extremely amused, she tells me all the time how domesticated I've become... I don't think so. I just enjoy going grocery shopping. It's like a stress reliever for me. After taking everything home and putting it away we split up. Tami and I went to do some hardcore shopping while Otto chilled at home doing his own thing for the afternoon. At 7pm we met at a Japanese Steakhouse for some dinner. I've been to better... but they had a fun time. The chef wasn't that talented, and the food was lacking some flavor, but we sat with some nice people and got a ton of food!! We made a quick stop at Target and came home to watch a movie for the rest of the night. On Sunday we all slept in, which was wonderful, and after we all woke we made Monkey Bread for Brunch! IT WAS AMAZING! We took our sweet time getting ready and then headed to a local bowling alley to play a couple games. Then it was time for some dinner, so we headed to a place called Cancun. It was very tasty! I had the best Cheesy Steak Burrito. Unfortunately I ate most of it before I remembered to take a pic of it! It was filled with steak, onions and mushrooms... then they covered it in this spicy cheese sauce!! YUM!

Otto and I tried this place on Friday called Rice Cafe. Sort of like a Noodles & Co., but everything is made with rice. So I thought it would be cool! Not so much. :( I had this BBQ pork bowl... as you can see from the pic below... It was not very good. I don't think we will be going back anytime soon...

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