05 August 2007

Day 38-40 + Weekend Update

We had a field trip on Friday. We went to a place called Gymfinity! It was a blast, they really had some age appropriate activities planned for us. Even some of the parents and staff got into the fun!! Once they told my I could go into the foam pit... oh, man! I just jumped right in and started playing with the kids!! It was a fun day! Everyone agreed!!!

My sister, Tami, came into town this weekend! Friday night we had our friends Rachel, Ed and their baby stop by for some dinner, and after Tami showed up we cruised around the local mall eating ice cream and getting me a new phone. (my phone was having some minor issues, but they're all fixed now) Saturday morning we took Tami down to the Farmer's Market for some Spicy cheese bread, fresh cheese curds and beef jerky. Then we strolled down State Street looking at the shops and ending up at Ian's Pizza for some lunch! After that we decided to check out the local zoo, even though it was raining... not pouring, but enough to where we were pretty wet by the time we left.

We saw some scary alligators who kept disappearing under the murky water... it creeped us out cause you seriously had no idea where they were! I never want to share water with an alligator!

We saw some penguins who really wanted into their house because it was raining, so they all stood by the doors and made awful noises!

This parrot was just sitting and swinging on the rope singing a song! I kid you not! He was singing!!

Then we saw a Polar Bear!! Power to the Polar Bears!!
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Smiley said...

It's a good thing you weren't with us last week, then. Jeff was telling the kids there were alligators in the Mississippi.