01 August 2007

Day 30 - 37 + Weekend Update

This last week or so was a little hectic. Bubbles and I have been trying to plan the transition from 3's to 1.5's coming in September. We have to switch out most of your toys, rearrange the room to work with some new equipment we need to bring in (a climber), and start getting their portfolios ready. Also, since we're having such a drastic age change we need to look at our lesson plans and convert them to work with our new students. It's going to be a challenge, but I think we're going to be up for it!

Gas prices have been falling again! This time they've made it so low at to hit $2.92! I know those of you in MN have cheaper gas prices, but I don't live there anymore and I get excited about how low it gets over here!!

I took Otto to Mickies Dairy Bar on Saturday morning! It's a place in Madison, close to the stadium, where all walks of life go for good, cheap food!! They have very good breakfast, and you get a ton of it! I would've taken a picture, but I forgot to pack my camera... :( We had so much food that we both ended up having to take some of it home to eat later! So, if anyone loves breakfast, or pretty vintage restaurants, just let me know and I'll take you! But never on the day of a Badger Game!

We had a couple come over on Saturday to hang out and play games with us, when another couple stopped by, because they didn't write down our new numbers and wanted to get them and ask us if we wanted to come over and hang out with them... I chuckled and invited them to join us over at our place! So, we had a blast playing games and, of course, playing on the Wii!! The funny thing was that I planned on cooking for the four of us, but then I had to add two more! Luckily I always buy extra! So, I had a loaf of bread, Rosemary and Olive Oil, and sliced it up, got my bread dipping set out and grabbed some of my seasonings!! They loved it! Then I made Chicken Parmesan!! I also add some Italian seasonings to the sauce, which everyone loved! Then I was worried about making sure I had enough food, so I had to scan all my cookbooks looking for a recipe for brownies, because the only box I had had nuts in it and one of my friends is deathly allergic, and since I didn't want to kill him I decided I needed to find something else. The recipe I found was very tasty, and they were super simple to make. Maybe I'll post the recipe sometime.


Smiley said...

And I quote, "I had to ass two more!" ROTFLMFAO

Kris said...

My excuses are as follows:
-It was morning
-The S and D key are close
-I don't always proofread!

But I did fix it!! ;)

Smiley said...

At least you choose hilarious typos.