07 August 2007

Day 41 + 42

Yesterday was a serious "Monday"! Those type of Mondays you hear about...
What started it all? Well... let me tell you!

First of all I arrived at work to find Bubbles was out sick. I had no idea, and it always throws me for a loop when I show up and my teammate is missing! (this is the time I've decided we need to exchange phone numbers so I'm not so caught off guard next time) There was a sub in my room, so at least my kids weren't alone (not that they would ever be left alone!) I was happy to hear the sub was going to stay with me! That is until the assistant director came by and shipped the sub off to an infant room!! Not to worry... I was within ratio (which really doesn't mean much with my class, they are a serious handful!) Not more than 5 min. after the sub leaves one of my kids looks up at me and says, "If you leave I'll mess with your stuff!" :o EXCUSE ME?! I asked them to repeat themselves, and I didn't hear them wrong. They went on to say that if I left like Bubbles and the sub they would mess with my stuff and make trouble. (This is what they said, I kid you not!) I went over to the student, gave them a big hug and reassured them that I would not be leaving and would stay with them all day, which I did. This was only the beginning...

The second incident, qualifying this day as a "Monday", was when a student from another class, stood up, stepped out of the sandbox, exclaimed - "Uh,oh", and just let the flood waters run! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I know this student is potty trained, and yet... It was amazing the amount of liquid stored in this child! Do you know how hard it is to clean and disinfect sand?! DO YOU?!

The third incident was ridiculous! One of my students wanted to use the bathroom with the door open. I don't think so. I stood just outside the door to talk to the other kids who were waiting in line. Since our bathroom doors are short enough to look over I asked if the student was done, and got a very looking face... I peered over the door to see where the student had decorated the walls and floor with their fluids... :( SERIOUSLY?! I had had enough at this point! I handed him some latex clothes, sprayed down the walls and floor, and handed him some paper towels. I was beside myself!

And that, my people, is a true "Monday"!

We ordered pizza tonight! It was way too hot to even think of using the oven. So, I recommended we order from a local joint we like. It was extremely tasty!!

This weekend is the girls camping trip! We're staying at the Old Barn Resort! I fully intend to bike to Lanesboro on Saturday!!! And maybe tube down the river as a lazy afternoon treat!


Smiley said...

Bwahahaha. See my site about my day. I left out the part about my pee-er. I had the same problem, and he too cleaned up his own mess! But mine wore latex GLOVES. lol

Hey! That's top-secret GOCT stuff, that is. ;)