22 July 2007

Weekend Update (continued)

I finally caught one of the street painters out this summer! Unfortunately I've never seen this guy before, and he's no where as good as the guy who normally sets up shop farther down on State Street.

Otto's cousin, Steven, happened to be in town for day and we had a chance to hang out with him! We headed over to the Great Dane Pub for lunch and some games of pool! We had a blast!!!

Then later on one of Otto's co-workers brought over his fiance to hang out for the rest of the evening! We talked for a while, then decided to have dinner at a place called Arbat. It's a Russian Restaurant not too far from where we live. It was very tasty! I had something that starts with a G... like Goltubsti... er... Golubsti! It's meat, rice, carrots and spices inside a huge piece of cabbage in a lake of tomato paste and sour cream! It was awesome! And I also tried to a Russian Beer with dinner. It was very different, yet tasty! If you're even in the area it's worth the time to eat there!

My friends Chris and Jess had car problems on Friday and we ended up going to eat pizza at Di Roma's, before heading to Blockbuster to rent the new Pirates game from the Wii. I had a blast with the sword fights in the game!

Today, Sunday, we signed up for new phone service with Verizon. I wasn't happy that Midwest Wireless was bought out by Alltell... so I opted out of the rest of my contract and Otto and I opened a family plan today. We got some super sweet phones though!!! I got a red one, and Otto picked out a black one! Eventually I hope to call everyone on my contact list and give them my new number, but in case someone is reading this and gets left out you will need to email me or message me to get the new number!
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