29 January 2008


For Christmas my Da bought my sister and I power tools! We both recieved cordless power drills and utility light... I wasn't sure when I would get a chance to use it, being that I live in an apt building and they frown upon many holes in the wall... So, instead I decided to take it to work!

We had some shelving in our room for storage... but it wasn't efficient. My co-teacher and I decided to do something about this. I took down almost all the shelving, moved it and got some new stuff too!

First I started by adding another shelf in the bathroom to hold some of our bigger containers. And I wanted extra room to put some of our blankets and towels.

Then I fastened two brackets to the wall to hold up the new shelves I bought. We needed some space to store our little boxes of supplies.

Then we needed an area to put all our baskets that hold the diapers. This is the space right next to our changing table. Obviously a more logical place for such things.

It turned out great! We both love it, but now we need some more containers. At some point I will take a picture of the whole classroom. We've been rearranging our room once again... It seems to be one of our favorite hobbies in our room!


Smiley said...

You do know that nothing you do will ever be as glorious (and scary) as the knife rack, don't you? How can you possibly hope to top that?