08 January 2008

Wedding Expo 2008

I would have to say the entire event was alot of "stressful" fun! Why do I say "stressful"? Well... it might have something to do with the button that they give brides to wear at these events. It felt like it was a homing beacon... which it was. That way people knew who the brides and where to direct their sales pitches. Luckily I have an army with me, which included my Maids of Honor (Tami, Jo and Jeb), My mother, Otto's mother, my grandmother, and my un-biological sister. And the reason I refer to them as my army is because they would go ahead of me and scout out different booths telling me where to skip and where to talk. They would gather information for me, and make the connections. It was nice! I got to see some familiar faces from back home, and meet some very interesting people. After the Expo, all but Otto's mom, went to the bridal shops to try on some dresses. We started with the Bridesmaids dresses. I thought it was alot of fun and we got some very nice options to work with for later. Then came the daunting task of trying on wedding dresses... Seriously... Very complicated! It takes at least 2 people to get you into one of those things! But I actually had some fun with it, and we only went to 2 different places, because we found basically all we're going to need! I think everyone enjoyed themselves, and I chuckled when my un-biological sister pulled snack mix out of her bag.... she's such a mom, and a life saver!

So, we started the day at 830am and ended around 430pm. We called up the BOYS and met them at Mr. Pizza north for some very tasty pizza!!! It was very memorable and fun. And it I had to do it all again I would, in a heart beat!

I would like to thank my grandma for chugging along with all us "young kids"! You're awesome and I can't believe you were able to keep up with all our running around!! I really appreciate you being willing to participate in the whole experience. It means alot to me that you were able to join us all day!

Mom, what I can I say other than you're amazing! You're there when I need you most, and you know what to say and what to do. I don't think I would have been able to make it through the day without you! I'm really glad you were there with us, and doing your "Momma Jo" thing!!

Tami, thanks so much for trying all those dresses without complaining. It means alot to me that you were willing to do that with me hardly having to ask. And I love all of your input on the dresses. I'm also glad you kept us moving along, it gets easy to get side tracked when going through everything - thanks for keeping the blinders on so we stayed focused!

Diane, I really appreciate your willingness to drive all the way up to Rochester to join us for the Expo. It was alot of fun,and meant alot to me that you were there with us.

Jeb, thanks for taking all those pictures! And thanks for being there for me during the process. Thanks for the opinions and support, it means alot that you're willing to do almost anything for me... even if I asked you to wear a fig leaf and nothing else... not that I would ever ask that of you!

Joanna, you're just such a super lady! hahaha!! Thanks so much for coming all the way down from the Cities to join us in the hustle and bustle of Saturday. I'm grateful for all the jokes and wise cracks that kept me sane and in a good mood! I can't wait to see you again!!!

Chelle... what is there to say?! You're the best! With your backpack of snacks and being willing to help strap me into those dresses I don't think I could find enough words to thank you. And you better have savored every minute of it cause you know it's probably not going to happen again! :P

As for pictures of the weekend... well... You'll have to wait till you see me to show you. I don't want pictures floating around and Otto accidentally getting ahold of them and seeing anything he isn't supposed to see. I was told make him wait till the wedding day to see the dress, and so I'm now trying to make that happen. But there are pictures, and I am willing to share them with people when I see them next. So, you may have to call me to set up a time to meet for coffee or something...


Smiley said...

You could potentially post pictures in the *ahem* section on my forum. Only those in the group can view that part of the forum.

K.Dingfelder said...

I know, but what if I wanted to keep it secret from everyone?! huh?!?

Unknown said...

I on the other hand brought Adam with me and he picked the dress. Adam's a little different though...in a good way!