15 January 2008

Madison Bridal Show

Heather, James, Otto and I attended the Wedding Show this weekend. We decided to go on Sunday, because our Saturday was beyond booked!

It was definitely bigger than the one in Rochester, and to the Boys' satisfaction there were many booths serving cake...

I seriously don't want cake for quite some time... Too much! We spent a few hours walking around taking everything in and signing up for prizes.

Speaking of prizes, I won something from last weekend! Definitely worth attending!

Back on track, we walked around, talked to vendors and collected information. Heather isn't having her wedding until 2009, but you can never start too soon with trying to get everything in order!

After checking everything out we headed to Olive Garden to get some real food in our system! Yay for all you can eat Soup, Salad and Breadsticks!!!

Then we went to walk it all off a the mall... nice and warm!

As as you can see the guys were getting tired of all this running around. They just decided to park it on one of the benches outside the stores.

Finally we hit up Starbucks for a coffee before we all headed to our homes! It was alot of fun! And I got some great ideas I'm trying to work with now. We'll see if they go anywhere or if I decide they're really not worth the time and effort.