20 January 2008

Recent Activities

Last night we got home to find our thermostat reading just below 65*... Strange... because if you look at the picture of our thermostat it reads that we have the temperature set at 80*!

We don't know what's wrong. It's either something with the thermostat or the floorboard heaters. But each time we touch the heaters they are fairly warm... Thus, we've been heating the apt with the stove. Very sad I know. But I did have some fun with it! As you can see from the pictures below.

It was a very tasty treat!
Here's a new project I took on one day. I decided that we needed more counter space, so I went out and bought a metal magnetic bar. These are most frequently used to store knives, which is what I chose to use it for, but you can use them for tools or another other metal objects.

It was fairly simple to install once I figured out what I needed to do. Sadly the package I bought didn't have any installation directions. Lucky for me someone on the website of the store I purchased it from explained how to install. And the fun part of the installation?! Getting to use the power drill my Da bought me for Christmas!! I was even talking to him on the phone when I installed the thing. It was pretty funny! He got worried a couple times when I made certain comments... like, "Oops! That wasn't right." I was referring to the fact that the anchor hole I made wasn't big enough, thus having to drill the hole with a bigger bit. And at one point he expressed concern when I started drilling in the screws. He was afraid I was going to strip the anchor and make a mess of the wall. Fortunately I knew what I was doing. :) Aren't you proud of me Da?!
This is what my Sunday afternoons consist of... creating projects for work.

I took an 18 egg carton, sliced it in half and painted it. This way my kids can start working on their colors by sorting them out into these color trays. I think on Monday we will start with sorting Fruit Loops, and by the end of the week we're going to be working on sorting out various colors of beads. I actually had fun with this project. It helps that I like to paint!
On a fun related note Heather and James came up to visit us in Madison. We always enjoy taking them out to a variety of places in the area. This last time we decided to take them to the Edo Gardens. They serve various Japanese dishes, Sushi and Hibatchi Grill. Of course we did the Hibatchi Grill! Although, we did include the experience of trying some sushi.

We had a blast sitting at the table watching our chef create a volcano from the onion! And my Salmon was so delicious!! I had to share some with Heather, because they gave me two huge pieces!! Then Otto and I ordered a Chef's choice Sushi appetizer. We don't even know what we ate, except that one piece was salmon, one was tuna, two we think were yellowtail... and who knows what the others were... Heather order two types of Sushi rolls. The only one we remember was one called the Godzilla Roll! She ended up giving each of us a try of it. The only thing I can recall from it was yellowtail, sticky rice, and eel. Yes, you read that correctly! I ate eel! :o It actually tasted very yummy... had a little bit of spiciness to it, but not too much! We'd definitely go back and order it again!


Smiley said...

You know, heating with the OVEN is safer. :P

K.Dingfelder said...

We were using the oven, it just so happens that we turned on the burner because we needed to warm our hands and then I had the wonderful idea to make a s'more!

Unknown said...

Me too. Nicole probably won't see him again now until he's 8 months. She was sick yesterday so she didn't get to see him again before she went back to school.

Smiley said...

P.S. Your "wall o' knives" scares me.

K.Dingfelder said...

But it makes you jealous, doesn't it? Now you want a wall-o-knives too!!!