11 June 2007

Day 1

I arrived 10 min. early to find 2 little boys wearing dresses... It was an interesting first impression. I later found out the other teacher, we'll refer to her as Bubbles, had the kids playing dress-up. All in all, the day went well!

Only one child was afraid of me, but he quickly warmed up and became my shadow for the rest of the afternoon.

I'm working in a room of mostly 3 year olds, but some are still 2 1/2. Almost all of them are potty trained or in the process! So, no changing diapers for me!!

When the director was ready for me she literally walked me to a room, handed me a huge stack of papers, 3 large binders and a pen... Then she casually walked away. I took that as a hint that I should start reading material and fill out forms. I sat at this room for awhile reading the orientation material (handbook, policy, benefits) and filling out forms as completely as I could. The assistant director came in and told me I had 5 more min. before I needed to head back to my classroom... uh, when exactly was I supposed to finish reading the rest of the material and fill out the rest of the forms? Granted, I could take the forms home to finish, but the binders needed to stay. I was a little frustrated... not just over the short amount of time to complete lots of work, but also because they literally dropped me in a room without a word. I had no idea what was going on. Luckily at the end of the day I met another staff member, we'll refer to her as BigL. She walked right up to me, introduced herself, and started telling me about the end of the day routine. After she laid everything out for me I started asking questions about other things that were confusing to me throughout the day. It turns out I will be closing with her almost everyday! Thank goodness!! I'll have someone who'll have the time and patience to help me out!!!

I got the Madison on Friday afternoon. I had just enough time to get everything in the apartment before running down to the managers office to fill out the last of the paperwork. I returned to the apartment to unpack some things before Otto and I found a theater to go see Ocean's Thirteen! We then found a Famous Dave's for dinner, then headed home to make chocolate cookies from scratch! They were yummy!!!

Saturday we went grocery shopping... that was a nice chunk of money! But now we have food. Then we had lunch before our friends, James and Heather, showed up to go see the Botanical Gardens! Heather and I were armed with a few rolls of film and our cameras! I used one roll, and Heather used all three!! It was beautiful! Later we met up Elaine and Nick to go mini-golfing before going out to eat at a place to it... and then we ended up having ice cream!! Finally we all headed back to our apartment for a rousing game of Apples to Apples! But that's not even the most exciting thing that happened! Rachel had her baby!!! I was one day too late! Her water broke on Saturday morning, and she had the baby at 4:55pm. His name is Theodore Byrom Stoltman. He weighed 10lbs. 3.6oz, and was 22.5 in. long!
(picture taken by the daddy)


Smiley said...

Muahahaha. I finally found my account info. Now I can pick on you in even more internet-type locations! ;)

Rachel said...

Actually, his middle name is Byrum. Ed accidentally misspelled it initially for the birth certificate, etc., but it has been fixed. They are both so cute.