13 June 2007

Day 3

I entered the room and immediately was bombarded by 4 munchkins who were telling me I was sick. They convinced me to sit down and started their work as Dr's. I had to try really hard not to laugh as one would do something, then the others would follow suit shortly after. They checked my ears a lot, and kept telling me my ear was sick. Eventually after they used everything they could find in their Dr's bag I was told I was healthy again. It was too cute! They were taking it so seriously!!

Today was the first time I was left alone in the classroom during a lesson time. Most of our kids started swimming lessons today, so Bubbles was going to take them while I stayed back with 4 of ours kids. She laid out the lesson plan for me, and put out all the materials I would need. We had a blast! I read the book There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat and we had a science experiment where they determined whether things would sink or float. I ended by letting them paint with watercolors for a short time!

It only took 3 days but all the kids know my name now! It was so cute to walk in and to be welcomed to the room by little voices shouting out, "Morning Kris!"

I had to fill out a short sheet with some information for a blurp they do with each staff member.
Here's what I had to say:

Name: Kris Oeltjen
Education: BA- Communication Studies
Family: Mom, Da, Sister, and Dog
Hobbies: Reading, Photography, Hiking, Bowling, Visiting family and friends
Why you like working with kids: They have so many things to share, and they make some of the best teachers without even realizing it! I have learned so much more about life by working with kids for over a decade!

Gas prices went down again! $3.12!! I wish I would've waited to fill up, but then again I did need gas. At this rate I should have no problem with driving to work everyday! The other option is to work out a complicated bus schedule. Just getting to work would take me 45 min on the bus, when it only takes me 8 min when I drive the car.

I found a nice grocery store close to my work. I stopped today, because we needed some more milk and butter (we went through it faster than we realized). Copps. I told a friend, and their response was, "You mean like the TV show?" Yeah, like the TV show... except not. They are huge! It will literally take me a long time to work my way through the store. I already told Otto I would have to go through every isle!!! Hehe!!!!

So, Kerry called me tonight to tell me she found a nest of mice. She called me because she thought I'd be one of the few people who wouldn't laugh at her and tell her to just go kill them. I think her plan is to call the vet and ask them what to do... in theory they would ask her to bring them in and check them out, if they cleared I was offered one! Yipee!! Although Otto wasn't as happy to hear she offered me a mouse... His first response was, "Where are we gonna keep it?" I told him I would find a place! We'll see what happens though...


Smiley said...

Didn't you give him smartypants remark like, "under your pillow" or "in your pants"?