20 June 2007

Day 8

Another story with the twins. One comes up to me to tell me about a tummy ache. Now, I'm not sure if this is because One didn't want to go to swimming lessons or the tummy was really sick. Well, the time for swimming lessons came around and I started wrangling up the part of my class that was going... I get them all lined up, open the gate and start heading to the door. One stops and just heaves! I stopped dead in my tracks... Called over Bubbles and took care of the situation. I literally passed it over to Bubbles because I had to get my kids on the bus so they wouldn't miss their lesson. It turns out when Mom came to pick up Two she told me One was still not doing so well at home either... poor One... :( I hate being sick in the summer.

Speaking of swimming lessons... Bubbles decided that whoever was lead teacher for the week would stay back with the kids during this time. Since she planned out the week I was sent. It wasn't too bad. I found a rope, tied 7 knots in it and told each kid to grab a knot and keep ahold! They thought it was a fun game of follow the leader, and I didn't lose anyone!!!

I'm so close to finishing my lesson plan for next week. My main theme is the letter U, and with that I'm focusing mostly on Umbrellas and Underwater fun! It's going to be a fun week of water activities! If anyone has any great ideas please send them my way! I'm always up for suggestions!

I had my first work meeting tonight. It was extremely short. The other teachers with kids around the ages of 2-3 were supposed to meet to talk about assessments... Most of them couldn't make it to the meeting. So, I spent maybe 15 min. listening and being introduced to everyone else. Then I left... I can only hope the rest of the meetings are as painless as that!

We ate at a great burger joint last night. The Nitty Gritty! Nice juicy burgers and tasty fries! It was a ton of food for a very decent price too!! We are definitely going to make it a regular stop!!!

Green Grapes rock! They were on sale, so we bought some and I've been popping like candy!! Oh! And pineapple is awesome too! The real kind that is.

Otto and I played Bocce Ball tonight. We bought a set the other night, and decided to try it out in the grassy area around our apartment building. It was a close game, but I ended up winning by one point! woohoo!

This is a picture of my best friend! Doesn't she look cool?! I think so!