14 June 2007

Day 4

Funniest thing... We were out on the playground, and I was telling a little boy to stop picking his nose. The other staff quickly informed me that he had a habit of sticking rocks up his nose. So we asked, "Do you have a rock up your nose?" He simply replied, "Yeah." Our floater ran over to him and sure enough there was a rock in his nose. She held one nostril down, told him to close his mouth, and blow through the other nostril. Out popped the rock... all covered in snot. I'm pretty sure the staff laughed for a good 5 min. about that one!

I made the mistake of singing in my class today. The kids were in millions of different directions, so I started singing a song. More specifically, the Moose Song! They stopped dead in their tracks and sat down in front of me with their mouths gaping open. After I finished the song they asked for another. Pretty sure I got through about 10 songs today! I'm going to have to hit up my archives and find some age appropriate songs for my class! If you have any ideas let me know! And thanks to a certain teacher for introducing me to Dr. Jean! ;)

I had to attend training tonight for Shaken Baby Syndrome. I'm trying my hardest to not be cynical about the 1.5 hrs I spent in class... but did you know babies cry?

Again, gas went down. $3.09! I seriously am hoping by the time I need to fill up again, that they don't decide to sky rocket!

I made a plan for Saturday... I ran it past Otto and he likes it. These are rough estimates, but this is sort of how I see the day going:

8:00am - 10:00am State Street for the Farmer's Market!
10:00am - 11:00am Grocery shopping at Copps
11:00am - 3:30pm Relax at the apartment
3:30pm - 4:00pm Pack a picnic dinner
4:00pm - 6:00pm Picnic at the Arboretum!

That's all I have at this point! I'm really excited though!!!

So last night I basically finished unpacking things. I sort of had a mess in the computer room... half unpacked boxes, stacks of papers, offices supplies strewed all over... I decided since my friend's from down here are coming over for dinner that I should have the place look a little more organized! Now I just have to tackle the top of my desk. Oh, and as a side note, I got home tonight to find that Otto had vacuumed!!


Smiley said...

There's plenty of material in there for smart remarks, but you never reply so I'm not going to bother. :P

Kris said...

I figured if I ignored you long enough you'd eventually give up!

haha! I know there are tons of opportunities for sarcasm... I work there!

Smiley said...