26 June 2007

Day 12

WATER DAY! Since the heat index was going to get too high to take the kids out in the afternoon we decided to have a water day in the morning! We found a sprinkler, it was a daisy that you connect to the hose and it has a spike that you push into the ground. When you start the hose the daisy whips around and sends water everywhere!! The kids love it! Then one of the other teachers (we had two different classes out at the same time) brought out her sensory table filled with water and plastic fish... later she threw in some paint brushes. You have no idea how fun it is to paint with water on the cement!!! I started my own game called "Are You Thirsty?" I went around with a cup of water asking kids if they were thirsty... then I just threw the water at them. One of my students was having so much fun with it that I chased them down with a bucket of water! The student then came after me asking if I was thirsty and was throwing cups of water at me! It was a blast!

I stayed with another staff tonight to close. I'm not sure if we were supposed to do that, but she later expressed her thanks for me staying behind to close with her. It goes back to my concern that something might happen... It's just a severe safety concern of mine, not just for the staff, but for the kids and parents as well!!

Since it's so hot we went out to dinner at a Mexican place some parents recommended to me. It was not the greatest experience of my life. The food was pretty bland, and just not up to par. If you're ever in Madison I was would skip a visit to La Hacienda! Go to Laredo's! We ate there awhile ago, and it was very tasty!

I think I'm going to have a small taste of my chocolate ice cream in the freezer! Mmmm!! Z-Chocolate!!!


Smiley said...

Either you've resumed your normal update schedule (once every three eons) or you've died. Which?

K.Dingfelder said...

Actually I've been too busy to post. I am going to take the time this evening to make a catch-up post of the days I've missed.

I didn't forget, it's just that too many things have been going on this week/weekend!

Glad to see you care enough to check-in though! ;)

Smiley said...

It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it! ;)