24 June 2007

Day 10 + Weekend Update

INSANE! So I got to work Friday morning and Bubbles tells me she's not feeling well. There is flu going around right now... She's going home, but before she takes off she lays everything out for me. This means I'll be left alone with the class! Luckily it was only 9 kids, but still... I've only been there two weeks. I was a little nervous (ok, so I was a lot nervous!), but I seriously felt bad for Bubbles because she was not feeling so good... In the end, I survived! I just hope it doesn't happen again too soon.

Since my family was in town we decided to take them to the Farmer's Market on Saturday!
As you can see there is a ton of people!! And a ton of stalls!! This is merely one side... The whole market wraps around the capitol!
Grandma was truly enjoying herself with all the treats we found along the market!
Our list of treats included: Wheat donuts, Fresh cheese curds, Sugar snap peas, Cinnamon rolls, Beef jerky... That's all I can remember at this point! But we'd get something and then share it between ourselves. That way everyone got a taste! And after all the treats we made a trek to see the inside of the capitol!
Mom kept taking pictures and Da was just enjoying the scenery. The walls are painted or mosaic... Either way they looked so interesting that Mom and I just kept taking photos of it all! Later we took a little walk down State Street and called it a day after visiting a really good ice cream place called The Chocolate Shoppe!

We got a new printer! Thanks to Grandma!! The printer we had was having serious issues, so she offered to get us a new one! It works wonderfully! I spent a good portion of tonight printing off some pictures so I could hang them up around the apartment!! Thanks Grandma!