21 June 2007

Day 9

This is what I did at work today!!
The kids were absolutely enthralled! And I got to play with chalk! I really like how the bubbles look, but the bubble blower looks pathetic... That's because we were changing playgrounds and I ran out of time... but there is always tomorrow!!

I finally hit rush hour on the Beltline today. :( I got to leave work 5 min. early, because we had enough staff and very few kids. I can't believe 5 min. makes that much of a difference! I definitely hate rush hour!!! >:(

I just got my safety deposit back from Lakeview Mannor! That was some money I forgot was coming my way!! YAY! I have money!!!

My family is coming tomorrow!!! Yipee!!


Smiley said...

Can I borrow some money?

Smiley said...

Scratch that. Can I have some money?

Kris said...

LOL... If I had any to spare I would love to toss some your way!