12 June 2007

Day 2

This morning I walked into my room to find 3 little boys wearing dresses this time... They keep increasing in numbers!

I received an email from a friend wanting some details of my new job. I am a teacher in a room with one other teacher, whom I call Bubbles, and 11 children. The reason I call my team teacher Bubbles is because she has a light, airy personality. She's a very laid back individual, and has a ton of patients with the kids. It's obvious she's going to be easy to get along with. Also, she's open to any idea I want to bring into the classroom, or change in the room itself. (like ASL!!!) As for the kids, none have any special needs other than they are at an age where they want attention all the time! I'm having a wonderful time getting to know all of them in their own ways!

There is something extremely helpful that this program does. They create a binder for each child where teachers can add pages talking about challenges, improvements, or even just funny quotes and stories. During nap time today, since all the kids fell asleep right away, I started pulling out each child's binder to take a peek. I now have a better idea as to where some of my kids are at this point, and where they've been. I can't wait until I get to add my own pages to their binders!!!

I know I shouldn't complain, but they keep my facility way too cold! I thought maybe I was just being a wimp... but when Bubbles mentioned how cold she was I knew it must be freezing! I think we're both bringing sweatshirts tomorrow.

I've decided the Beltline isn't as bad as everyone has made it out to be. Both days now I've made in to work in exactly 8 min.! Although I've left extremely early both days... I may start cutting that down... we'll see.

I love my apartment! Like I told some of you before I left, my view is of greenery... not a city view at all, but in the morning I swear we live in an aviary! Every morning starting around 5:30 am the birds starting singing their tune... luckily I can sleep through most of it. It does make for a peaceful atmosphere!

Gas prices are dropping rapidly. We're now down to $3.15!! I know those of you in MN probably have much better numbers you could throw at me, but I'm not driving back 2.5 hrs to get cheaper gas! I just hope the prices keeps going down.

I found a new bookstore really close to where I work! I ended up stopping their last night on my way home. Probably a bad idea, although I did find 3 more books in the series I'm reading! And I didn't even spend that much money!!! They should last me a month if not a little longer; I hope!

We made chicken burritos tonight for dinner. They were tasty, even though they were abit spicy! And then we made fresh popcorn and watched Stranger Than Fiction.


Smiley said...

I enjoyed "Stranger than Fiction," but that's largely because I'm a wuss and I have to have happy endings.

So... Cold, eh? You can kiss my big fat butt, because I spent my entire day sweating. :P