19 June 2007

Day 7

So I talked with Bubbles today about why we're getting such young group in September. It turns out there were some problems with class sizes and either their classroom took a younger age or one of them was going to lose a job because there would only be a class size for one teacher. I guess I don't feel so bad knowing that I'll still have a job come September!

I have a set of twins in the class. They are mostly connected at the hip, but there are times one/both of them want some alone time. Today was one of those times. We'll refer to them as One and Two. So, Two comes to me to complain because One is not talking. I tell Two that maybe One doesn't want to talk... and to go find something else to do. 5 min. later Two comes back with the same complaint. I'm dealing with another child and so I tell Two, "Go talk to the wall then." Two stares at me for a moment, nods, and smiles walking over to the wall. I can see the lips moving, but can't hear anything. After awhile Two comes back to tell me the wall talks like Daddy. I'm not sure what that means, but it made me smile!

Again with the gas... $3.05! At this rate it might not get to the prospected $4.00/gallon during the summer months. Not that it would be any better to pay more in the winter.

Todays temperature was much lower than last week. It was so low that I ended up wearing jeans and a sweatshirt for most of the day. I love this weather much more than the 80*-90* we were dealing with.

I got my new watch tonight! Watch I figured it worked with everything I wear. And it got the Otto approval! Lol!!!

I'm going to try a recipe I found very soon. I want to try and make Iced Coffee! So I found a recipe for an Iced Mint Mocha! I'll let you all know how it goes when I finally get a chance to try it out!!!

I'm extremely excited!!! My family is coming to visit us in Madison this weekend!!! I'm pretty sure by the time Friday comes around I'll be bouncing off the walls! I should probably lay off the coffee starting Thursday. At this point we plan on taking them to the Farmer's Market Saturday morning, and maybe the botanical gardens or the arboretum... and if we get a chance possibly take a stroll down State Street depending on how good everyone is feeling! I will definitely be taking some pics! Which reminds me... I need to get some pictures up... of what, I'm not sure, but I need to put some up. I could post some of the apt., or my classroom. Hopefully tomorrow!


Casey said...

Oh KRIS!!!! Thanks for sharing all of this, it brings me back to the Toddler Room in Winona...oh how I miss those kids! I miss you as well...thanks for the updates and can't wait to read more!!!!

Smiley said...

There are approximately fifty exclamation points in your post. I do not think you need any coffee, iced or not.