01 July 2007

Day 13, 14, 15 + Weekend Update

Wednesday: We had a blast playing "Over or Under" with the kids. Literally the game was having the kids decide if they needed to walk over or crawl under our staff. Simple game, and yet extremely entertaining!

Thursday: Our first field trip of the summer. We went to a place called KEVA! It was fun and all, but no exactly age appropriate for 3 year olds. Luckily I was taught never to just sit around when on a field trip, I stepped up and helped out their staff to make some of the games more capable for my kids to play. All-in-all... The kids had a blast!!!

Friday: I received a review from my boss of my lesson plan. I guess I must've done a very decent job, because my review was raving! At least I have something to model the rest of mine after in the future!

Wednesday night Otto and I went with some new friends of ours (well, new to me) down to the Capitol to listen to the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra! They set up around the Capitol, and then there are food vendors from local places and tons of people (as you can tell from the picture)! We sat on a curb, watched and listened to them for awhile and then walked down State Street to eat dinner at Chipotle!! It was a wonderful evening, and we definitely are planning on attending more, since they play for free all summer!!!Rhythm and Booms!!! Our friends Heather and Newman came to hang out with us on Saturday. We hung out around the apartment until about 4pm, then we started making Fajitas... we packed them up picnic style! We parked about a 30 min. walk from the park (that was as close to the park as we could get at the time). After finally getting there we parked it at one of the stages to watch a local band named Bascom Hill. We ate our food and listened to some good music. Eventually we found a place to put our blanket until the fireworks started. They were amazing!!!
Here Otto and I are waiting for the fireworks to start.
On Sunday Otto's Grandpa and Dorthy came to visit. We took them to the Capitol to see the rotunda. They loved it!
Here they are at the rotunda! I think they'll definitely come back from another visit!!!

I'm sorry I didn't write much this week. It's been extremely busy week of running around in a million different directions. This week should be a bit better, but one can never tell. Either way, I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!!!


Smiley said...

Hey, where'd you find those two albino people to take a picture of? *snork*